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This made Germany a federal republic, with two legislative chambers - one directly elected by the people, the other respresenting the various states. The lower house was elected on a system of proportional representation, and so the number of members elected corresponded closely to the number of votes cast for each party. There was much in the constitution that was utopian, such as the right to paid work ... It also contained all kinds of clauses for dealing with a 'state of emergency'. in many was this is not suprising given the upheavals of 1918-19. However, it was later shamelessly exploited. Joncey

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Q: In what ways did the Weimar Constitution create democracy in Germany?
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What kind of government did the Weimar Republic create?


Who was the creator of the Weimar constitution?

A great many delegates from all over Germany attended the convention in Weimar in 1919 to help create a new constitution. The primary author of the constitution was Hugo Preuss, an attorney and liberal politician. Preuss was also a Jew, a fact that the Nazis were able to use to their advantage during their later campaigns to replace the Weimar Republic with an authoritarian Nazi state.

Did the Framers of the Constitution create a democracy?

No, the Framers created a republic, not a democracy.

What type of government did the constitution create?


What type of government did your constitution create?


Does the Constitution of the US create a direct democracy?

No. The US Constitution creates an indirect democracy, specifically a Presidential Republic.

What type of government did the US constitution create?

Representative Democracy.

What kind of government did the constitution create?

epresentative democracy, known as a Republic

What are two characteristics of Federalists?

supported constitution and they helped create democracy

What are the ideals of Indian constitution?

The Indian constitution posits that all people are created equal. The Constitution was meant to create a peaceful and vibrant democracy.

Did the constitution create a democracy or a republic?

A little of both. However, the created a balance between the two through the system of checks and balances.

How did the constitution create a republican government?

In short, the constitution is the law of the land, and establishes rules and regulations of what the government can and cannot do. In a Democracy, the source of power comes from the people. In a Republic, the source of power comes from the law, or in this case, the constitution.

Did Greece invent the democracy?

yes they did create democracy

What did Hitler do to the legislature?

The Weimar Republic Constitution had a rule that the constitution could be modified by a 2/3 majority of the Reichstag. Hitler's Nazi Party held about 43% of seats, and controlled most of the Cabinet, but they bullied the other politicians into passing an Enabling Act, which allowed the Chancellor (Hitler's role) and the Cabinet to create laws that circumvented the Reichstag - or even the Constitution. This is generally seen as the key moment when the Weimar Republic ended and Nazi dictatorship began. After that, the Reichstag was quietly disbanded.

Who has a constitutional democracy?

In a country, the people and the government have power to create their system to be good. In that system must include human right and guaranteed in the highest law named constitution. Therefore, the government and it people have constitutional democracy.

Did pericles create democracy?


Did Germany changed its name during history?

In the middle ages, what's now known as Germany was called the "Holy Roman Empire". In 1871, these states united to create the "German Reich", also called the "German Empire". After the German Empire's defeat in WW1, the newly democratic Germany was often called "Weimar Germany" or the "Weimar Republic. In the 1930s, they changed the name to the "Greater German Reich", but many people simply called it "Nazi Germany". After WWII, Germany was split into the "Federal Republic of Germany" (also called "West Germany") and the "German Democratic Republic (also called "East Germany). After West Germany and East Germany unified in 1990, they kept the "Federal Republic of Germany" title, which is the official name of Germany today.

Why was it necessary to create the US Constitution?

The Constitution has the laws and rules so yes it was very necessary to create the constitution.

When did cleithenes create democracy?


How does the constitution create a system of checks and balances?

how did the constitution create a system term checks and balances

What form of government did the Athenians create?

Democracy was the form of government created by the Athenians democracy.

Did the constitution create a republican form of government?

Yes, it created a republic. It's one in which we have elected officials who are meant to do our will, to represent us. In a pure democracy everyone votes on everything.

Who helped create democracy in Athens?


When did Cleisthenes create a democracy?

In 508 BCE.

The Great Compromise allowed the Framers of the Constitution to create what?

The Great Compromise allowed the Framers of the Constitution to create?