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The Framers revised the Articles because many thought that the states needed more power.The states thought it was too much like the British government so they wanted more power.

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Q: In what ways did the framers try to improve on the Articles of Confederation?
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What was held in may 1787 to discuss ways to improve the articles of confederation?

The Constitutional Convention

What are four ways in which the US constitution was different from the articles of confederation?


In what ways is the constitution more flexible than the articles of confederation?

The Constitution can be amended more easily

What was held in may 1787 to discuss ways to improve the article of confederation?

The Constitutional Convention

What two ways did the framers make it clear the US was one nation not a loose confederation of semi independent states?

they just fricken did

What did the confederation congress do to raise money?

The Confederation Congress raised money by asking the states for money and by borrowing money. The Articles of Confederation did not include any ways that Congress could generate funds.

How was the Constitution different from the Articles of Confederation?

The Constitution was different from the Articles of Confederation in many ways. The Constitution gave our federal government more power, so it could sufficiently run. Under the Articles of Confederation our government was uni-cameral; the Constitution changed it to bi-cameral (House of Representatives and Senate). The US Constitution also created a court system which was previously not existing in the Articles of Confederation. Our constitution has enable to protect the rights of the citizens.

What are the three ways the Framers of the Constitution divided the responsibilities of governing in order th limit the power of government?

The Preamble, the articles , and the amendments.

Differences between the articles of confederation and the constitution?

The articles of confederation were the first attempt at government in the US. The only problem is the federal government had no power to make states do anything. The constitution gave congress explicit powers and ways to enforce them.

How was the consitituation different from the Articles of Confederation?

A lot of ways. Perhaps the most important differences are that the Constitution had three branches, instead of just one, which balanced power better than in the Articles of Confederation, and it gave more power to the federal government.

In what ways was the Constitutional Congress lacking in authority?

The delegates to the Constitutional Convention were not authorized to write a new Constitution. They were only supposed to propose amendments to the Articles of Confederation. In that sense they had no authority at all to write a whole new constitution to replace the Articles of Confederation.

In what two general ways did the constitution resolve some of the interstate conflicts experienced under the articles of confederation?

The Constitution established rules of legal cooperation between states in Article IV. Nothing like that was outlined in the Articles of Confederation. The Constitution also set standards for trade and money between the states. The Articles of Confederation had allowed the states to act basically as independent countries in regards to this.

How did the Articles of Confederation influence the US Constitution?

During America's Founding Period, the Articles of Confederation of 1781 served as one of the primary bases for the writing and ratification of the Constitution from 1787 to 1789. In numerous particular ways (for example, the membership and powers of Congress), the Articles provided key touch-points by which the Constitution would be drafted.

What were two ways colonists practice self government?

Well they articles of confederation gave them to decide jail and stuff and your mama is UGLY

In what ways did the framers try to improve on the Articles of Conferation?

There were many weaknesses in the Articles of Confederation. As the country continued to drift, with no real national leadership, the "Founding Fathers" realized a new form of government was needed to unite the new nation. The Articles gave congress no power to levy or collect taxes. Each state had to collect taxes from its citizens and turn that money over to the government under the Articles. Congress could do little if the states did not turn over taxes to the treasury. Congress had no power to regulate trade among the states or with foreign nations. This was leading to economic collapse of the national economy. A major weakness was the inability of Congress to force anyone to obey the laws it passed. The Articles lacked an executive and judicial branch independent from the legislature. The framers of the Constitution of the United States fixed these, and other weaknesses. A federal government was created with three separate branches, each having independent powers while sharing powers with the other two branches and with the state governments. MrV

Under the Articles of Confederation the national government was forbidden to be involved with the individual states in which ways?

to tax to regulate trade and to interfere with the affairs of the states

What Framers considered as ways to elect your President?

Ask your teacher

In what ways Congress weak under the Articles of Confederation?

they gave very little power to the central government and if the central government wanted to pass something all the states would have to ratify it.

How is the US Constitution an improvement over the articles of confederation?

It created a stronger federal government that would be superior in many but not all ways to the state governments. The Articles of Confederation simply created a loos conglomeration of the states each acting as if it were a country of its own. In many ways the states could not get along with one another, such as in areas of interstate commerce. Something had to be done to make the states co-operate with one another so the stronger federal system was created.

How did thomas pains help the war effort?

He wrote 'Common Sense'Thomas Paine help the war in a few different ways. The main way that he helped was by the ratification of the Articles of Confederation.

What are the ways that can improve the education system in Malaysia?

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Most accurately describes the federalist papers?

The Federalists papers were designed to inform the US citizens of how the government was set up. The paper attempted to demonstrate the ways that the Articles of Confederation were ill conceived.

How did Thomas Paine help the war effort?

He wrote 'Common Sense'Thomas Paine help the war in a few different ways. The main way that he helped was by the ratification of the Articles of Confederation.

What was the financial problems after the revolutionary war?

After the Revolutionary War, the United States had few resources. The Articles of Confederation prohibited the federal government from levying taxes, leaving that in the hands of state governments. Policymakers quickly realized that this rendered the federal government powerless, prompting the Constitutional Convention. Under the new constitution, the federal government had more powers when it came to the economy, notably the power to levy taxes. It was able to regulate the nascent economy in certain ways; for example, it could pass protective tariffs.

List three ways in which the Articles of Confederation weakened the new national government?

1)debt 2) not same rules-laws 3)dif gov power

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