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In what ways did the framers try to improve on the Articles of Conferation?

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There were many weaknesses in the Articles of Confederation. As the country continued to drift, with no real national leadership, the "Founding Fathers" realized a new form of government was needed to unite the new nation. The Articles gave congress no power to levy or collect taxes. Each state had to collect taxes from its citizens and turn that money over to the government under the Articles. Congress could do little if the states did not turn over taxes to the treasury. Congress had no power to regulate trade among the states or with foreign nations. This was leading to economic collapse of the national economy. A major weakness was the inability of Congress to force anyone to obey the laws it passed. The Articles lacked an executive and judicial branch independent from the legislature. The framers of the Constitution of the United States fixed these, and other weaknesses. A federal government was created with three separate branches, each having independent powers while sharing powers with the other two branches and with the state governments. MrV

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