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How long does a mechanic work daily?

mechanics usually work an average of 11 to 12 hours a day, I'm a mechanic and that's the amount of hours i do in a day from 8am to 7 pm.

How frequently is writing required if your a diesel mechanic?

You probably will have to fill out work orders daily or at least for each job.

How to create equivalent ratios?

Ratios are used to compare numbers. When you're working with ratios, it's sometimes easier to work with an equivalent ratio.

For an auto mechanic what is the work environment?

enviroment for auto mechanic?

What does a aviation mechanic do?

they work on planes

Where can a Ferrari mechanic work?

by hans

What is a flat rate Automotive Mechanic considered hourly or salary?

Neither; A flat rate mechanic is considered "piece work" or "contract work".

What is the daily work schedule for an actress?

what is the daily work scheldule for an actress?

Experience certificate format for an generator mechanic?

work experiences certificate for generator mechanic and electrician

What type of jobs can you get with diesel mechanic training?

You can get a job as a diesel mechanic. You can also work with automotive repair stores or for larger companies as a mechanic.

How does a mechanic use science in their daily work?

yes and no they need to know the science of how an internal combustion engine works but they could just follow a list of steps and not know anything about a car

How do you use ratios and proportion with work and hobbies?

In the daily use and creation of explosives and building polly pockets,lets say I have 3 pink barbies and 7 polly pockets that are red the ratio is 20:4

How do you solve ratios?

You do not solve ratios: they are simply a form of numbers. There may be questions whose solutions require you to work with ratios but there the answer will depend on the sort of question you have to deal with.

What are pulleys useful in doing work?

when your a mechanic

What percentage of people work out daily?

The percentage of people that work out daily is 78%

Where is the mechanic?

A mechanic is somebody who works on anything basically with a motor or electricity. They fix that stuff to make it work.

How many hours does a mechanic work yearly?

the avrage mechanic works about 3640 hours a year or annually

Is there daily work in Houston where I can get a job now?

If you are looking for daily jobs in Houston you can contact the company Manpower. They offer daily work and daily pay for most jobs and workers. There maybe more daily work, daily pay offices in you local phone book.

How to Turn My Skills Into a Job as a Mechanic?

Depending on what company you work for, there is a reasonable amount of money to be made as a mechanic. You can learn to be a mechanic at a school like ITT Tech.

How does a gardener use science in his daily work?

yes gardener science in daily work

What can i do to become a good mechanic?

Find a good mechanic that people trust, and work under them and learn as much as possible!!

What are emerging specialties in aircraft mechanic?

One emerging speciality in aircraft mechanic is sufficient experience in technical work

Where can a mechanic work?

Anywhere as longest he is fine on working there.

What are ways to burn off energy and body fat?

You can divide your diet into 4 or 5 smaller meals in a day and try to do daily manual work or cardio exercise and even daily household jobs will help.

Where do mechanic s work?

Mechanics usually work in repair shops of many kinds.