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Q: In what year did the seat belt law come into effect in Alberta Canada?
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Alberta has not one ethnicity, but many. There are people that live in Alberta that come from many, many different countries, backgrounds and ethnicities. This is what makes Canada a multi-cultural country.

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The province of Alberta was named after one of Queen Victoria's daughters, Princess Louise Caroline Alberta. Princess Louise married John Campbell the fourth Governor General of Canada.

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Alberta was named for Princess Louise Caroline Alberta, who was the fourth daughter of Queen Victoria of Canada. Lake Louise and Mount Alberta were also named in her honor.

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Mostly because of economics, since Alberta is the main province where Canada's oil and gas come from, which brings huge revenues to the Canadian Government. It's also because Alberta isn't quite ready to be able to handle itself as a country, since the provincial government is still a bit dependent on hand-outs from the feds. And, Alberta is an important part of Canada, because, really, Canada wouldn't be Canada without Alberta, or even the rest of Western Canada for that matter.

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You can travel anywhere within the country. If you are trying to come into canada, you might have trouble.

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In what year did the seat belt law come into effect in the US?


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