In what year were ISBN codes first placed upon books?

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SBNs were first used in the UK in 1969. In 1970 they became ISBNs (International Standard Book Number) and started appearing world wide.
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What year did J.K. Rowling write her first book?

J.K. Rowling's first published book was Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. She began writing it in 1990 and completed it in 1995. The book was first published in 1997.

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Well, Mary Alice is coming from Chicago. Although, her grandma(Grandma Dowdel) lives in a small rural area. . .The book doesn't tell which state or city in the book. I think it might be Illinois. It takes place in 1937.

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What year did Laura Dower write her first book?

1998-because that was when her favorite beautiful sister gave birth to a wonderful baby girl and her name was Martha Lauren purditt. So it was actually a type of present or a gift to celebrate it and now it is 2009 so Martha must be 11 years old by now.

What year did the comic book code begin?

l954. It was prodded by the book Seduction of the Innocent by Dr. Frederic Wertham. It is a fascinating book. Many of the psychiatrist"s charges were accurate.

What year does the Nancy drew books take place in?

The original version of the first Nancy Drew book was published in 1930. Today, 80 years later, Nancy Drew Girl Detective books are still being published. The books each take place in the time in which that individual book was publsihed.

What year did Peyton Place first air?

The book Peyton Place was published in 1956, and its sequel Return to Peyton Place was published in 1959 The movie Peyton Place was released in 1957 The TV series Peyton Place ran from September 15, 1964 to June 2, 1969

How you get ISBN code?

Each country has an issuing authority - a web search should reveal who that is in your country.. ISBN's are usually issued in blocks, rather than singularly, usually tens. Part of each one is a code for the publisher, which can be anyone (at least in the UK).

Is the ISBN different for every book?

The ISBN is specific to every book title. So if it's the same book, only a different copy, it will have the same ISBN. Two different books or editions of the same book will have different ISBNs.

What year did the book Cracker take place in?

The war started in 1959 and ended on April 30, 1975, so I would just say it was during the Vietnam war and then add these dates. Hope I could help!!

What year was the first book?

If you mean what year was harry in at hogwarts, it was his first year. If you mean when it was published, it was published in 1997 by Bloomsbury in Europe

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The ISBN of Dead Girls is 0-00-224154-4. The ISBN of Leonardo's Swans is 0385517068. The ISBN of Losing It is 978-1416568186. The ISBN of Crabwalk is 3-598-80055-X. The ISBN of Tutunamayanlar is 975-470-011-7. The ISBN of Pollyanna is 1-55748-660-3. The ISBN of Avilion is 978-05750 ( Full Answer )

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The book doesn't say. Neither does the movie. But the consensus of most educated readers is around 200 years from now. Also, there is a petty poster here who likes to read their own text. In my last response, I gave a reasonable timeline of events, added to their answer, but then they came back and ( Full Answer )

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Well it seems it doesn't say it specifically in the text. That's why I use context clues. Phin, the boy, is mostly looking for food most of the time, it's southern, ( Because all the shooting with the dust and sand everywhere too ). It might have taken place during 1940 or 1950. Down south.

Why do books have an isbn number?

Books have an isbn number so that each title can be distinguished on international databases and identified. Different editions will also have different isbns.

What year was the comic book Aquaman first released?

Aquaman's first appearance was in More Fun Comics #73 in September 1941.The first time he appeared in his own comic was January 1962.He was a founding member of the Justice League of America.

What type of information can be found in the book What to Expect the First Year?

"What to Expect the First Year" is a book full of information which first-time mothers will find useful. Women who have never been mothers before will learn about their child's eating and sleeping habits as well as developmental milestones. Advice is offered in all areas of the child's needs.

What is the ISBN for a dog training book?

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What year was Shakespeare first book of his plays published?

A number of the plays, about half, were published on their own during Shakespeare's lifetime. The first collection of Shakespeare's plays was the so-called "False Folio" of 1619, containing ten plays, eight of which are now attributed to Shakespeare. The First Folio of 1623 contained 36 plays, many ( Full Answer )

What year was the first book made ever?

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