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In the 19th century

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How old was Henry ford when he contructed his first steam engine?

At around age 19 he was working on steam engines.

What is an example of an invention from the industrial age?

The best example is Watts' steam engine.

What were the major achievements in human history during the old stone age?

In the Stone Age the major achievement was the development of tools.

What major development marked the passage fro the paleolithic age to the Neolithic age?


How did the Industrial Revolution improve the early industrial age?

The invention of the steam engine had improved the industrial age which convected heat energy towards mass production.

How did the steam engine propel?

The mechnical idea behind a Steam engine is very simple: Take a Tea Pot and seal it up. Conect an outlet pipe to a Cylinder with a Piston in it. Boil the water The steam will propel the Piston down the cylinder Conect the piston to a crank, say on a Locomotive wheel (Very Small Locomotive if we are using my tea pot) Create a valve system that will allow thew steam in when the piston is ready to push the crank and allow the steam out when the piston is ready to travel back to the start point. Bingo Bango the Steam age has arrived

What actors and actresses appeared in Age of Steam - 2003?

The cast of Age of Steam - 2003 includes: Fred Dibnah as Himself - Presenter

What was coal used widely for during the industrial age?

One major use was for making steam to power steam engines. Coal was also baked in furnaces to make coke which was in turn used in blast furnaces to mak iron.

What are the age limits for a steam account?


What did George westinghouse do?

George Westinghouse was an American entrepreneur and engineer who invented the Railroad Car Air Brake. He was a pioneer of the electrical industry. In 1991, he recevied a patent the AIEE's Edison Medal for meritorious achievement in connection with the development of the alternating current system. At age 19 he received his first patent for a rotary steam engine.

Average bra size of age 12?

Probably and A to a B but every body is different.....Genetics play a major role in the development of the body.

How did the steam engine change society?

The first steam engine was invented by Thomas Newcome, he created a machine that could keep the power of compressed steam. it was used to pump water out of mines. James Watt created a better version. it was more efficient, practical, and it produced more power with little waste. it was used to pump water out of mines but later was adapted to drive machines. this solved the problem of powering the factory age.source: crossroads : a meeting of nations textbook

What pressure do steam trains run at?

It varies depending on the size, age, and intended purpose of the engine, as well as the technology available. Some small steam locomotives run at 75 psi, whereas some of the largest and most powerful engines can run at over 300 psi.

According to Paul Baltes which age period dominates development?

According to Paul Baltes, no age period dominates development.

What is the age limit on left 4 dead steam?


What is the most important invention in science history?

Historians generally agree that the invention of the steam engine set off what turned into the Industrial Revolution, and all progress since then has built on that. Without an industrial revolution there could not have been an information revolution, a computer age, and so forth. So I think a case could be made that the steam engine is the most important invention in history - even though it is now obsolete, and replaced by internal combustion engines, electric motors, etc. Steam turbines, however, are still very much in use, in electric generating plants, and they are a modified form of steam engine.

How did the axial age contribute to the development of social philosophy?

How did the axial age contribute to the development of social theory??? Please someone help me with this answer.

What age was Richard Trevithick when he invented the steam train?

I thank he was 20

What is stone age important development?


What is the steam engine used for now?

Steam engines are still used in various places in Africa, in much the same way they have always been used. They are also used in several places of the world for tourism rides on heritage railways, to remind people of the age of steam. Examples are model railways and "the Hogwarts Express" in England and a picturesque ride which winds around the hill up to Darjeeling in India.

Why was the Golden Age of Athens given that name and what were three major characteristics of it?

the development of fascism, the production of the lance on knights, aand the introduction of the, wait for it, cowboy.... a.k.a. austin yelen

What are the three stages of human development?

There are any number of ways to divide up a person's development. The most general is preschool covering to age 6, school-age to age 18, and adulthood 19 and on.

What was the major emphasis of middle age art?

The religious significance was the major emphasis of middle age art.

Why can't i play asian dynasties even though i downloaded age of empires compete edition off of steam?

You can. Go to Steam, your list of games, right-click on Age of Empires III Complete Edition and make your choice.

What is the most significant development of The Neolithic Age?