New Zealand

In which continent does New Zealand lie?

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New Zealand consists of two main islands, which are the peaks of

the submerged continent of Zealandia, which likes under the south

pacific ocean east of Australia.

New Zealand is the emerged parts of a large continental landmass,

now undersea, called Zealandia. This is roughly the size and

shape of the Indian sub-continent.

Zealandia, has been much changed in shape and position by

tectonic forces still quite active. It was formed between a granite

landmass (probably Queensland, and an arc of island volcanics, but

has never been part of Australia.

A couple of Australian islands, Macquarie and Norfolk Island lie

on the Zealandia basement, as does New Caledonia. The Tasman Sea's

mid-ocean ridge between New Zealand and Australia formed some 60 -

85 million years ago.

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