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In which countries is baseball the national sport?


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America. Unofficially.


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Baseball is the national sport in the usa but soccer is the national sport worldwide.

Japan's national sport is baseball.

Baseball is the national sport of US.

Venezuelas national sport is baseball.

Baseball is the national sport of Panama.

The national sport of Taiwan is baseball.

It always has been the national sport.

The national sport of Dominican Republic is Baseball

It is the national sport of many countries, and because there are teams from many countries that play each other at many levels, it is an international sport.

In the United States, baseball is known as a national pastime and is the national sport of the country.

The national sport of Romania is oina, very similar to baseball.

Japan national sport is Sumo WrestlingAustralia national sport is Cricket, although this is not official. Australia has no official national sport.

The national otherwise considered as favourite sport in Dominican Republic is BASEBALL which is a sport in the U.S.A.

Venezuela's national sports is baseball.

The national sport of Panama is baseball.

baseball or football but i think baseball is the national sport of America

Soccer with tennis ranked second in popularity. The national sport is oina, an old sport similar to baseball.

Soccer because that's the national sport of most countries

Baseball is not an Olympic sport.

Baseball is currently the national sport of the United States of America, but Football is thought by many to overtake baseball in the near future.

The national sport and the most popular sport of USA is football. Answer: There is no official national sport. More people are involved in baseball than in football, especially on the grassroots level.

The national sport in Honduras is soccer. However baseball is also a very poppular sport in Honduras. Hope it helps.

New Zealand, Wales, Samoa, Fiji and Tonga are Countries that have Rugby Union as there National sport.

Boxing is the national sport of Phillippines and Thailand(called Muay Thai or Thai boxing).

The name of the national sport in Romania is oina, similar to baseball but more older.

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