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Answers: The safest countries for using cannabis include: Australia because in Queensland, Tasmania, and Victoria you can have up to 50 grams and only receive a ticket; Bagladesh because its legal; India, because its legal; Pakistan because its legal; Macedonia because its safe for small amounts, and people with large amount will not get in much trouble, the cops will probably confiscate it and go smoke it themselves; Netherlands, obviously the country most famous for cannabis use. Many other countries, such as Germany, Venezuela and Peru, have decriminalised it as well.

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is cannabis legal in Florence, Italy?

Cannabis is only in a few european countries legal. Italy is non of those.

What is the legal name for marijuana?


Is cannabis illegal in all countries?

No. Unfortunately, it's legal in very few countries and decriminalised in only a few more.

Are cannabis legal in china?

No there are very few places around the world where cannabis is legal.

Why is cannabis legal in holland?

Holland and other countries think that it does no harm so there is no point making it illegal

What states is cannabis legal?

There is no US state in which cannabis is "legal", as it is illegal under federal law.

When was cannabis first legalised in Britain?

Cannabis is not legal in Britain.

Why is cannabis illegal and tobacco legal?

Becuase cannabis is bad

Is cannabis legal in new brunswick?

no its not legal

Is cannabis legal in NJ?


Is cannabis legal in Norway?


Is cannabis legal in Arizona?


Is it legal to grow to cannabis plants at home?

It depends on where you live, but generally NO. It is not legal to grow cannabis plants at home.

Is cannabis legal in Russia?

NO its not.....its legal in Amsterdam though

Should cannabis be legal?


Where is it legal to smoke cannabis?


Is cannabis legal in Trinidad and Tobago?


When cannabis became legal in Netherlands?

its not legal in the netherlands, its just tolerated

Are cannabis seeds legal to buy?

Not in the U.S.

Is cannabis legal in Andorra?

Cannabis is not legal in Andorra. Laws are heavily enforced and the people are very intolerant of its use. That is not saying you cannot find it for sale.

Why is cannabis legal in some countries but not others?

Marijuana is not completely legal in any country there are laws that say its okay to possess and use it if you dont have a lot, but on a federal level the government does not want you to have it at all.

Is there an alternative relaxant equivalent to cannabis?

You mean legal.

What Cannabis products are legal in Canada?

In Canada, customers have the opportunity to purchase and enjoy a variety of cannabis products. Currently retailers are allowed to offer dried cannabis flower, beverages, edibles, topicals, and extracts (including oils and capsules). Cannabis Store, Cannabis store in Peterborough, Dispensary Peterborough, Dispensary in Peterborough, Marijuana Dispensary Peterborough, Marijuana Dispensary in Peterborough, Sparq Retail Inc., Cannabis Store

What drug is the least bad for you?

cannabis sativa, cannabis indica, and cannabis ruderalis... collequilly known as weed or pot, is the least harmful, legal or otherwise, drug on the market.

Is cannabis legal in France?

Cannabis is illegal in France. However, use of is generally tolerated so long as consumption is discrete.