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When robes are required, the Judge may decide to relax the rule in cases of hot weather, etc.

Criminal Cases

  • The Crown Court requires that Barristers be robed.
  • The Court of Appeal requires that Barristers be robed.
  • The Magistrates' Court is never robed, although Barristers are rarely present in Magistrates' Courts, solicitors usually taking their place. Solicitors never wear robes.
  • The Supreme Court requires that Barristers be robed.

Civil Cases

  • The County Court rarely requires robes although this is at the Judge's discretion.
  • The High Court often requires that Barristers be robed, this is very much at the Judge's discretion.
  • The Supreme Court requires that Barristers be robed.
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Q: In which courts do barristers wear wigs and gowns?
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Do Barristers still wear wigs in England?

Yes they do but only in Crown Courts . The Judge and the barristers are the only ones that wear wigs.

Why do people wear wigs?

People wear wigs for different purposes, to cover untidy hair do, to disguise one's self and to look beautiful. There are even reasons to wear wigs for religious and other ceremonial purposes. In the British Courts of Law, both Barristers and Judges wear wigs.

Why do barristers and judges wear wigs?

During the 16/17/18th centuries Periwigs/Purdukes were forms of wigs worn by the upper classes in emulation of the wigs worn by the kings of France and their courtiers. The fashion spread to England amongst the wealthy, in courts of law Barristers and Judges wore wigs to distinguish themselves from the lower classes and defendants in cases.

What is a judges wig called?

Judges wear "Full Bottom Wigs", also called "Ceremonial Wigs" (the long wig), or "Undress Wigs", also called "Tye Wigs" (the short wig) and Barristers(attorneys) wear a slightly different style known as a "Barristers Wig".

Why do barristers wear wigs?

It is mainly to show their superior and so that people know who they are.

Why do the british wear wigs in court?

Judges and barristers wear wigs in court as part of an old tradition- the wigs were introduced in the early 18th Century, when it was fashionable for all men to have wigs, and in British courts of law, this tradition has just continued until the present day. Psychological studies have also shown that the wigs engender a greater respect for judges and barristers on the part of the defendant and witnesses. However, in cases where children are being asked to give evidence in court, the judge or barrister may remove his or her wig, so that they appear less intimidating to the child.

Why are wigs worn in English court rooms?

Wigs are traditionally worn in courtrooms in the British Isles because it was to conceal the identity of judges and barristers, thus protecting them from attack outside the courts.

Why did early barristers wear wigs?

They still do in UK ! I'm guessing it was/is to do with status & fashion. A power symbol, a qualification.

Do Barristers still wear wigs in US?

No, there are no wigs worn in court. The US legal system split with the British with the Constitution. The US does not have 'barristers' and 'solicitors' like many of the British based legal systems. Any licensed attorney may argue in court.

What were the wigs called that are worn in Parliament?

Wigs worn in the British Parliament are called perukes or periwigs. These wigs were popularly worn in by judges, barristers and members of Parliament. Judges and barristers started wearing them in the 17th century.

What does a defense lawyer wear?

In the US, there is no special clothing requirements. They must meet the dress code of the judge who's court they are in. In Britain the defense will wear robes and wigs as the other barristers do.

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What does a judge wear?

Depends on the occasion and the country. Some judges wear long, flowing wigs and beautiful gowns. Other judges wear these funny hats [like what you graduate in] and carry special [cricket] bats for hitting unruly defendants. So, it depends, really.

What did people wear during the industrial revolution?

Women wore long, full gowns with petticoats and stockings underneath. Men wore jackets, knee length breeches, vests, stockings, and wigs.

Does parliament still wear wigs?

Most of the Commonwealths only wear wigs for ceremonial occasions, which is rare.

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