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Sai tells Sakura that Naruto loves her in Naruto Shippuden episode 201. He goes on to tell her how bad she has been hurting Naruto, because Naruto will not quit on any promises that she holds him to.


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The episode is 206.... when Sakura tells to Naruto tha she loves him.....

Sakura tells Naruto that she loves him in Naruto Shippuden Episode 206: Sakura's Feelings. In the manga, it was Naruto Shippuden Chapter 469: Sakura's Confession.

wtf naruto loves sakura but in some randome episode he transforms into a fox and injures her but not seriously

Anime: episode 205Manga: NARUTO SHIPPUDEN MANGA 459

Yes, Naruto likes (loves) Sakura in Shippuuden as well.

probably not because the characters have a love polygon going on. Hinata loves Naruto but Naruto loves Sakura and Sakura loves Sasuke

what do you mean? if you mean capture her heart he didn't get her heart yet she still loves sasuke

well naruto doesn't have to confess it.. I think sakura already know that he loves her..

Naruto Shippuden - Episode 166 - Confessions Naruto Shippuden - Manga 437 - Confessions

in naruto shippuden episode 166 it is called confessions.

He never really tells her that he loves her back because he likes Sakura but he does like her as a friend and will protect her and the village.

no shes vowed to kill him and she loves naruto now

No. He knows she loves Sasuke and wouldnt do that.

Well Naruto still loves Sakura, as well as Hinata still loves Naruto. No pairings have been shown yet in either the manga or the anime.

Yes, she tells Naruto that she loves him in Shippuden episode 166.

yes... when Hinata fights Pain and she's about to die(But saved by Sakura) she tells Naruto she loves himWanna know what episode!?!?! Ask someone...

No sakura doesn't tell him in the anime, she tells him in the manga chapter 469. In the anime hinata tells naruto that she loves him and almost dies for him also what episode did sai talk to sakura about her feelings for naruto i cant find it :(

yes. in the manga chapter 412 or 413 as she's healing hinata's wounds after her battle with pain. sakura says "Hinata, you love Naruto" (or something along those lines). sakura even admits this in episode 167 (or something like it) in Naruto shippuden.

Lee loves Sakura, but she doesn't love him. Sakura never actually loves Lee, in any episode. Sakura loves Sasuke, although she did lie to Naruto and tell him that she didn't love Sasuke anymore.

Possible in the upcoming move (Naruto the last).

Naruto loves Sakura, but Sakura loves Naruto in a sisterly way. So this is only a one sided relationship. In the near future, Naruto starts to like Sakura as a sister so nothing gets too deep. There is an episode where Sakura says she loves Naruto, but she had only said it so he wouldn't chase after Sasuke.

Well, in one episode, she tells Naruto she loves him, so I think Naruto.

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