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Q: In which language does 'God Jul' mean Happy Christmas?
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What does God jul godt nytt mean in norwegian?

god jul mean merry christmas and godt nytt mean happy new year

How do you say happy Christmas in Norwegian?

Happy Christmas means "god jul" in Norwegian.

What language God Jul og godt Nytt Aar?

Norwegian, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Danish, Merry Christmas and Good New Year.

How do you say Happy Christmas in Swedish?

god jul

What does HALEULA mean?

it means happy thanksgiving in Muslim language "Halleu" means Holy, and "Jah" means God. Hallelujah means God is Holy.

What is 'Merry Christmas and Happy New Year' in Norwegian?

Merry christmas = god jul Happy new year = godt nyttår

Why were Christmas carols made?

to make people happy and to worship god and jesus. amen.

What is the phrase 'Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year' in Swedish?

" God Jul och ett Gott Nytt Ar !" ( Merry Christmas and a Good New Year ! ) .

What does God Jul Mean in Sweden?

merry Christmas

What does God Jul in Norwegian mean?

Merry christmas.

Why is Christmas happy?

Because it is the day that the lord god was borned & everyone is having a feast to celebrate it.

How do you say happy holidays in norwegian?

Norwegians don't say happy holidays. One can say "God Jul" for Merry Christmas if that is what you ment.

How do you say merry Christmas and a happy new year in Norwegian?

god jul og godt nyttår

What does Giavanna mean?

It means God is gracious! I am happy to know that!

What does Nathan mean in a different language?

Gift of God

In the book A Christmas Rat by Avi how is his number interpreted to mean call God?

call God

What does it mean when they discuss that the christmas crib lies under the shadow of the cross?

it mean that it always has a reference to God and Jesus, as Jesus was born on Christmas.

How do you say merry Christmas and happy new year in swedish?

God jul och gott nytt år

How do you say merry Christmas and happy new year in Sweden?

God Jul och Gott Nytt År!

Christmas Celebrates who's birthday?

you don't know this ?! Jesus Christ ! He's the reason you are here !! Merry Christmas and happy new years ! celebrate god and 2011!

What does Good Yule mean in Sweden?

God Jul means Merry Christmas.

Does the name Peeta mean gift of God?

It depends which language really

What language is Glad Jul?

That means "Merry Christmas" in Swedish........ Well tecnical we say God Jul for Merry Christmas Glad Jul is Danish and also used in Norway

How do you make god happy?

God is happy! He loves us so when we are happy in a non-destructive way, he is happy too.

What does when they reminisce over you my God mean?

I would be happy to answer that question if it were even remotely coherent.