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Adam Sandler goes to jail in the movie `The Longest Yard`.

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What is the movie with Adam Sandler in it where Adam Sandler has to go back to school?

Billy Madison.

Who are the cast of the movie of just go with it?

Adam sandler

What movie does Adam Sandler and jeniffer anistan come out in?

Just go with it

Which movie did Adam Sandler go ballistic on an airplane?

Anger Management you idiot.....

What store did Adam Sandler go to in the movie Click?

Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Can you name the movie starring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler?

"Just Go With It"

What movie does Adam Sandler go back to school to inherit money?

Billy Madison

What other movies was Adam Sandler in?

uhm.. go search for adam sandler and vuala.

Who plays in the movie just go with it?

Jennifer Anniston and Adam Sandler play the lead roles.

What is the most recent movie that Adam Sandler starred in?

He is coming out with the movie "Just Go With It", Originally named "Pretend Wife"

Where did Adam Sandler go to college?


Did Adam Sandler ever go to pinkerton academy?


Ok just the best movie?

Personally, I love the movie Just Go With It with Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. It is hilarious, and I would recommend it to a friend!

What primary school did Adam Sandler go to?

He went to hillside

Which Actor do you like better Jim Carry Will Ferrell or Adam Sandler?

will ferrell Jim carry back whaen he made comdeys then Adam sandler Adam sandler is the best then will and then Jim. and the guy who answered this question needs to go back to school and need to go to a spelling class.

Did Adam Gontier go to jail?

No, Adam Gontier has never been to jail. However, he did go to rehab.

How good is Bedtime Stories the movie?

It is AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and very funny Adam Sandlers does a GREAT job!!!!!!__________________________________________________________________________________ the movie was good. Adam sandler is a good actor. the movie was very funny. Adam sandler plays as an uncle to to kids whos mother asks Adam to babysitfor her. Adam sandler agrees and at night the kids ask for a bedtime story. so he makes up a story. the kids then begin adding stuff to the stories and everything they add comes true.the get mad at him for a reason that im not going to spoil, Go see it.nyerah_aja13xoxoxo

What does Adam Sandler like to do in his spare time?

Adam Sandler goes on vacations with his wife and two daughters. He also likes to go on long walks and hang out with his family and friends.

What college did Adam Sandler go to?

Adam Sandler went to New York University where he began and perfected his comedian career and then he went to NYU's Tisch School of the Arts where he graduated in 1988.

What collage did Adam Sandler go to?

He graduated from New York University in 1991

What jobs has Adam Sandler had?

Adam Sandlar's first career job was with Bill Cosby at the family clube in New York. Adam later got hid first movie "Billy Madison", where Adam must go back to school for his fathers biz. Some years later and sandler played in his second moive "HappyGillmore", where Adam must play golf for the sake of his grand mother's house. Years past and sandler started his own moive production biz.

What was the movie Adam Sandler had to go back to school from k-12 in orderto inherit his fathers business?

Billy Madison Goes Back to School

Who are the characters on the movie just go with it?

Adam Sandler...DannyJennifer Aniston...KatherineNicole Kidman...Devlin AdamsNick Swardson...EddieBrooklyn Decker...PalmerBailee Madison...Maggie

Did Adam Gontier go to jail if he did why?

No, Adam Gontier has never been to jail. However, in 2005 he went to rehab.

Does Adam Sandler play sports?

the answer to that qustion is simple go AND ASK HIM UR SELF