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It depends on what kingdom you are talking about. There is Five kingdoms. One is the kingdom of Monera. Two is the kingdom of Fungi. Three is the kingsom of Protoctista. Four the kingdom of Plants. Five is the kingdom of animals....which us humans belong to.

Organisms found in Kingdom Plantae generally only belong to this one kingdom.

One celled organisms belong to kingdom Monera. These organisms do not contain a nucleus. Bacteria are the organisms that comprise the entire kingdom.

some egytian kingdom im not for sure which one tho

Plankton belongs to the Animal Kingdom. There is only one Animal Kingdom. However some species of plankton can belong to Kingdom Protista.

There is only one animal kingdom - Animalia. Therefore, all animals belong to that kingdom.

no. you said... "animal" so it clearly only belongs in the ..."animal kingdom" only.

He was saved because he is a humble person and the kingdom of heaven belong to this one.

One can download Google Urchin from the official Google webpage. Alternatively, one could try other sites such as 'Live Docs', for example, for this Google Urchin feature.

the only one i no is urchin like a sea urchin

I think a sea anenome and a sea urchin can live together because i have a little aquarium and there is a sea urchin and and a sea anenome (if that's how you spell it) living in there and they were perfectly fine. BUT if you have a sea urchin do not have any crabs in there, because my sea urchin killed one, and almost killed another one by taking its claw off. :(

I'm pretty sure it's protists but if someone has a better answer you should post that too. Kingdom of Monera

The leaf itself does not belong to a kingdom because it is not its own organism, just a part of one. However, the maple tree belongs to the kingdom Plantae (plants).

It doesn't belong to any country. It is one of the constituent countries of the United Kingdom, which also includes England, Scotland and Wales.

Brooklyn is one of the five boroughs of New York City.

The flower sea urchin is considered to be one of the deadliest in the world. These urchins are found in oceans throughout the world.

Unicellular (one-celled) eukaryotes belong to the Kingdoms Fungi and Protista. Fungal unicellular eukaryotes include yeasts. Many protozoa and algae are unicellular in the protist kingdom.

5 does not belong because it's the only one that is prime, and it is also the only one that is a single digit.58 does not belong because it's the only one that's not a multiple of five.20 does not belong because unlike the other numbers, one of it's digits is not a five.That's the problem with this kind of question. They expect it to have one correct answer, but there are in fact several. Chances are, the expected answer is 58. One could argue though that - having two interesting distinctions - the number five belongs even less than 58 with it's single distinction.

In the scientific classification system, the kingdom Animalia is one of five kingdoms. All organisms in this kingdom are: multicellular, mobile and heterotrophic.

The UK doesn't 'belong' to Europe, it is an independent sovereign state. However, geographically it is part of the continent of Europe and politically it is one of the 27 members of the European Union.

100 pounds.(Wieghed one before)

A street urchin is a derogatory name given to a homeless child, or one who is badly neglected, who's parent's don't seem to know or care where the child is.

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