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After the World War I, the Treaty of Versailles drastically changed the borders throughout Central and Eastern Europe, while little changes were done in Western and Northern Europe.

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Which part of Europe did the borders change the most?

what part of erurope did the borders change the most

Which countries borders eastern Europe on the northeast?

Finland borders northeastern Europe (Russia). You could also argue that Germany (and possibly Austria) borders northeastern Europe for bordering countries such as Poland and the Czech Republic. Outside of Europe, Kazakhstan borders northeastern Europe, by bordering the most eastern part of European Russia. However, many consider Kazakhstan to span both Europe and Asia, which means it too would technically be a part of northeastern Europe.

Is Portugal a part of Europe?

yes, Portugal the only country that borders Spain and Spain is in Europe

What part of Eastern Europe is most mountainous?

The southern part of Eastern Europe, or Southeastern Europe, is the most mountainous part of Eastern Europe.

What part of Europe saw the most change after ww1?

Finland because it is the coolest country in the world.

Which part of Russia is most populated?

The west part which is in Europe. The west part which is in Europe.

Is Russia a part of western Europe.?

No. Most of Russia is in Asia. The part that is in Europe is in eastern Europe.

What Middle Eastern countries border Europe?

Turkey (part of Europe and Middle East[Asia]). Armenia (borders Georgia Azerbaijan and Turkey which have European parts) Azerbaijan (borders Turkey and Russia which have European parts) Georgia (borders Turkey Russia and Azerbaijan which have European parts) Syria (borders Turkey) Iran(borders Turkey and Azerbaijan) Iraq (borders Turkey)

Is Northern Europe entirely separated by water from the rest of Europe?

No. Finland has a very large border with the European part of Russia (From Karelia up to the North Pole where Russia also borders Norway) and Denmark borders with Germany.

The Pyrenees Mountains separates this country from the rest of Europe?

The country you are referring to is Spain, but it is not true to say that the Pyrenees separates it from the rest of Europe. It borders Portugal and Gibraltar, which are part of Europe.

What part of Europe were the medieval times the most violent?

What part of Europe was most violent depended entirely on what part of the Middle Ages you are dealing with. The Middle Ages lasted about a thousand years, and the amount of violence could change profoundly in a given place from one year to the next.

Is Tunisia part of schengen states?

No, Tunisia is not part of the Schengen Area. It is not in Europe. Given the current problems with illegal immigrants from Tunisia, and the fact it has no land borders with Europe, it is unlikely it will ever be a member of Schengen.

Is most of turkey part of Europe or Asia?

Most of Turkey's part is in Asia, only a small part of it -some of Istanbul, Edirne, Tekirdag, Kirklareli- is in Europe.

Where is Estonia located in the world?

In the Baltic region of Northern Europe. It is west of Russia and south from Finland.See the map of Europe below which shows Estonia.Estonia is one of the most treasured destinations of Europe and this you will realize only when you are traveling to Estonia. Located in the northern part of the country, Estonia shares its southern borders with Latvia and eastern borders with Russia. The Gulf of Finland is towards the north and in the western part is the Baltic Sea. There are many famous tourist spots in Estonia.

Is California located in the north or south?

California ranges from the most Southern part of the US next to Mexico, to almost the most Northern part of the US (It borders Oregon, which borders Washington state to the north, and it borders Canada). It covers most of the West coast of the US, (all except for the coasts of Oregon and Washington).

What country shares a border with Europe?

Europe is a continent. Continents do not have borders. Actually, continents do have borders, but to decide which countries border Europe could be difficult because there are many transcontinental countries. For example, one is Russia. Should countries bordering Russia (not a part of Europe themself) be included? Or only countries bordering the European portion of Russia?

What was Europe a part of for over 500 years?

Most of Europe was a part of the Roman Empire for over 500 years.

What is the name of the westernmost nation in Europe?

Iceland is the western most part of Europe.

What ocean borders Europe and Asia?

The Arctic Ocean is the only ocean to border both Europe and Asia. Although, if you included the Mediterranean as part of the Atlantic, then the Atlantic would too border both Europe and Asia.

Why is Asia part of the contents if it is not surrounded by water?

Asia has land borders both with Europe & Africa, but it is, with those exceptions, surrounded by water.

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