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Fall and winter Amish will marry during these seasons not because it is a requirement of their faith, but rather as a matter of practicality. Although not every Amish family owns a farm as their livelihood they are still a farming based community. Fall and winter are the most practical seasons in which to marry because the arrangements and the stresses on the new couple to set up their own home do not conflict with the work associated with Spring planting and Summer harvest.

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Do Amish people marry out of their faith?

Yes, occasionally the Amish marry out of their faith. Whenever this happens though, the person must leave the Amish religion and then marry whomever he or she wishes. Not everyone born into an Amish community will wish to live within the restrictions that the religion.

Do Amish marry non-Amish?

If they want to continue to live in the Amish community, the Amish marry within their faith.

Are there any black people that are Amish?

Noit is indeed very rare you will find a black Amish , as they usually marry only another Amish chances of black are zero.

Do Amish people only marry other Amish people?

Yes, it is their faith to only marry people that belong to the Amish church. - eletias - It be better to say "yes and no". Most of time they do marry in their faith, only looking for a mate in their own community, which has increased the progression of genetic problems. But there is small percentage of outside English, that do join the Amish, Amish adopt English outside children, and rumoured infertile men have outside men sleep with their wives to conceive, plus occasional infidelity.

Do Amish people have to marry in an Amish church?

Answer:If an Amish person wishes to remain in the Amish community they must marry in the Amish Church. Both spouses must already be members of the Amish church in order to be married by the church. Many individuals do not join the church until they have decided to marry, at which time they will both go through instruction class and baptism into the Amish church. After this they will marry in the church.It should be noted that most Amish do not have a church building, but rather have services in different homes. They may have an enclosed wagon to haul folding chairs to the site of the worship service. There are, however, groups referred to by others as "church Amish" which have a building.Answer:No, that's ridiculous. Amish should be able to marry Muslims in a Jewish temple for all I'm concerned.

How old do Amish people have to be to get married?

Amish people usually marry young, but don't marry younger than what is legal in their state. Most states allow anyone 18 and older to get married, in some states the minimum age is 17.

What month do Amish marry?

They marry in whichever month they want to.

Can Amish men marry outsiders?

My grand father was amish and my grandmoher was cherokee indian

Can an Amish marry an American?

If an Amish person marries outside the Amish faith (outsiders are usually called "English"), they will be shunned from their community.

Do Amish marry within themself?

As a rule, the Amish marry within the faith. One does not join the church except as an adult. If one wants to live the Amish life, one wouldn't be attracted to non-Amish suitors. If one is attracted to an English, one would not join the Amish church.

How do Amish people marry?

First of all they believe the bible when it says that A believer should never marry a non-believer. So The Amish can only marry Amish. Usually it is from another family that are not close cousins. They will travel for many miles to go to a wedding and will hire someone to drive them. The person driving them is not an Amish person and needs to eat separately and stay separate from the Amish. Again they believe come out from among them and be ye separate. Also Only Friends and family can attend.

What do Amish people call non Amish people?

Amish people commonly call non-amish people Englischers.

Do Amish women married other cultures?

The Amish usuall y inter marry only.

What are Amish people?

Amish people are people who only have Amish friends , really religious, they stay in an Amish community, and have no electric or electronics.

What are Amish people called other then Amish people?

Some Amish people are called "Mennonites".

Why are Amish people called Amish?

Amish are called Amish because the founder of it was Jacob Ammann

Are there lots of Amish people in Shipshewana?

Yes, there are there of many Amish people.

What are black Amish people called?

The same as white Amish people.

I am in love with someone who is Amish and hes not suppose to see anyone outside the community he is scared and wants me to walk away what should I do?

Love is sacrificial, love is love. If you truly love him, you will do the best for him. Do you want to marry? That's what people in love usually should do. Respect his religion and do not get him in trouble. If you want to marry him maybe you should turn Amish too. You cannot become Amish. He would have to leave the Amish community and live in the "English" community. Being Amish is not like being a Catholic who then joins the Jewish faith of their beloved.

Are there Amish people in NJ?

No. There are no Amish communities in NJ.

What do Amish people call non Amish?

The English

Do you have to be white to be Amish and why?

Not all Amish people have to be white. This is because some other people can be adopted or converted into the Amish way of life.

Are Amish people mean?

Amish people can be mean just like any other person can. However, some Amish people can be very judge mental of people not in their community.

Can you a married couple in turn to as Amish people truly want this our name is Michael?

As a married couple if you meet and Amish person and want to become Amish you can. There is nothing in the Amish lifestyles that prevents people to converting to the Amish lifestyle.

Do Amish people use technology for entertainment?

Amish people think technology is a sin

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