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In which war did the US along with its allies defeat Hitler's Nazi Germany?

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World War 2

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Was Germany an allied country?

No, Germany was an "Axis" power, fighting against the allies. Germany fought along side Italy, as well as Japan.

When did Germany become allies with Italy?

On September 27, 1940 Germany and Italy become allies along with Japan when they signed the Tripartite Pact. These powers eventually became known as the Axis Alliance.

How did the allies finally defeat Hitler?

Hitler committed suicide, along with his mistress, Eva Braun, a few days before the end of the Battle of Berlin, the last major conflict between the Allied army and Nazi Germany.

How did d day occur?

America, along with its allies, invaded Normandy in order to liberate France from Hitler's Germany.

Were Japan and Germany on the same side in World War 2?

Yes, they were bound as allies by the Tripartite (German: Three Party) Pact, along with Italy. The Tripartite Pact was signed by the 3 nations on September 27th, 1940.The problem in 1939, was that the Soviet Union and Germany were allied in their agreement to divide Poland. After Germany invaded the USSR, the allies added them to their "allies".

What is Japan's invovlment in World War 2?

Germany, Japan, along with Italy, were the primary combatants during WWII AGAINST the allies.

How did Hitlers wife die?

Adolf Hitler shot her along with himself

How did hitlers wife died?

she wasn't his wife but his girlfriend and she was shot along with him

Who were the Indians allies with?

American colonials fought with the British, along with Indian allies

What were the countries opposing the allies in world war 1?

The opponents of the Allies (the Triple Entente of Britain, France, and Russia) were the Central Powers: Germany, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire (later Turkey) and to a lesser extent Bulgaria.Although Italy was originally allied with Germany (Triple Alliance), it did not attack the Allies but instead fought against Austria-Hungary along their common border.

Were the Allies on the US side?

Yes , the US was on the side of the Allies along with England and Russia .

How did the way that the US were brought into World War 2 affect the war?

The Pearl Harbour Attack took us instantly from "Helping Hand" to "Allies in Battle", with regard to helping Great Britain. Japan was an Ally and principle member of the "Axis" powers, along with Germany,Italy, and some of conquered Europe. The Allied Powers included Russia, the US, and the Countries of Great Britain. Even though both the US and British leaders were suspicious of the Stalin regime, the alliance was needed to defeat Germany. We needed the Russian Army to absorb men and material from Hitlers Western Front, and Russia need planes, arms and supplies -which we supplied.

Which countries fought in world war world 2?

US, Russia, and Great Britain, along with France, China, Poland, were the allies. axis were the germany, japan, and italy

Why did soviet dictator Joseph Stalin want the other Allies United States and Great Britain to attack Germany from the west?

Stalin wanted the other Allies to begin attacking Germany from the West in order to relieve Russian armies fighting in the East. This attempt failed, though, as the Allies ignored Stalin's plea and continued their original plan to fight along the coast of Africa, coming from the South in Italy.

Who were Hitlers allies?

Hitler's Germany had support mainly from the annexed willing Austria's support along with Mussolini's Italy and Hirohito's Japan. Romania and Hungary also offered support, along side tens of thousands of foreign fighters recruited from the far right supporters in the occupied countries such as Bosnia, Ukraine and even ethnic people living under the Soviet Union. Hitler also had the support of Joseph Stalin's Soviet Union initially in the war until Hitler turned his forces on him.

Did the US win WW2?

The US won along with China, Great Britain, Canada, France and Russia were the main allies. The main Nazi's were Italy, Germany and Japan. They were on the losing sides.

How did the allies treat Germany after World War II?

It depends on which Allies you are talking about. If you are talking about America, France, and England, then they treated West Germany with much respect and helped them grow as a new country. France and West Germany, along with a couple others, created the EU in 1951 with the Treaty of Paris. Russia, though, oppressed East Germany, and many people tried to escape over the Berlin Wall, which was erected in 1961 to make sure people didn't escape.

Do crips and surenos get along?

NO yes we allies with s 13

The US fought along the side of whom?

In World War II the US fought with France,(before it was conquered by Germany) Great Britain(or England), Canada, Australia, China, Russia(After Russia was attack by Germany) and i think that's it. Their main allies were Russia and England.

What was the fate of Mussolini who was one of Hitler's staunchest allies?

he was captured by the Allies and hung upside down along with his Mistress in the town square.

Was it just the United States vs Germany during World War 2 or were other countries involved?

Italy and Japan were allied with Germany as the Axis Forces. UK, Australia, Canada, USSR and the US (along with the Free French, and various exile forces) composed the Allies

Did Australia go to war at Poland in world war 2?

No, the opposite we were allies with Poland. When Hitler first invaded Poland, Australia along with Britain and New Zealand immediately responded by declaring war on Germany.

Who were Germany's allies in World War 1 out of Belgium France America Aulstralia and Turkey?

Turkey is the closest. It was part of the Ottoman Empire during World War I, which, along with Austria-Hungary and Bulgaria, was allied with Germany.

In world war 1 what did Germany defeat in the eastern front?

Her declining military strength, shortages of food, loss of allies and her economic inability to cope with the war all gradually caused her to lose the war. One of the reasons, which can account for Germany's loss in the First World War (WWI), is her declining military strength along with the morality of the soldiers, which by the end of the war, was very poor and low.

Was stallin an ally or an axis?

Stalin , along with Roosevelt and Churchill , was a member of the Allies .

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