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They Don't Care About Us is song from the HIStory album released in 1995.


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The song was "They Dont Care About Us" from the HIStory album.

It is from his album - HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book 1

No, Michael Jackson was healthy and he took very good care of his health.

Scream written by Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Terry Lewis and James Harris. They Don't Care About Us written by Michael Jackson. Stranger in Moscow written by Michael Jackson. This Time Around written by Michael Jackson. Earthh Song written by Michael Jackson. D.S written by Michael Jackson. Money written by Michael Jackson. Come Together (Beatles cover) written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. You Are Not Alone written by R.Kelly. Childhood written by Michael Jackson. Tabloid Junkie written by James Harris, Terry Lewis and Michael Jackson. 2Bad written by Bruce Swedien, Dallas Austin and Michael Jackson. HIStory; James Harris, Terry Lewis and Michael Jackson. Little Susie written by Michael Jackson.

He released the album HIStory, with the song in it, in 1995, so he would be around...37 or 38.

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Rebbie Jackson is the eldest sibling of late pop singer Michael Jackson. She after the death of her brother is believed to be the primary care giver of his three children. In 2011 Rebbie announced that she is working on a new album which is her first in 14 years.

No. Katherine Jackson has custody of Michael Jackson's kids. If something happens to her and she is not able to take care of them, they will be handed over to Diana Ross.

It came out in Michael Jackson's album HIStory (1995).

"Black or White" by Michael Jackson is about how people should not care about color of skin but by the content of their charecter. ;D

No. Michael was healthy and took good care of his health. Don't believe the tabloids!

Michael Jackson 1958-2009 (died of cardiac attack) He was a very nice person. he donated to many charities and didnt care about money, he cared about his children and fans we wil all miss Michael Jackson 1958-2009 Michael Jackson is the nicest man in the world if a country needed money Michael Jackson will donate

That Katherine Jackson took care of his kids.


Yes Michael Jackson is a real father... He care for children all over the world and his own more than any parent could.

yes he did in this is it he said this speech about how he felt mj rules

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