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Russia with 1.7 million killed ,followed by France with 1.3 million killed


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Child soldiers are used in hostile third world African countries and most of your Asian countries.

russia - they lost 8,800,000 to 10,700,000

The English lost the most soldiers in the Boston Massacre.

Germany! Actually, it was Russia, the country with the most people and, thus, the most people to lose.

Russia lost the most lives in WW2

During World War 1, Germany lost the most soldiers. In total, 10 million military died, 20 million were injured, and 8 million went missing.

World War I resulted in enormous casualties for most of the countries involved. The country that lost the most people was Russia.

The Soviet Union had the most military casualties, followed by Germany and China.

The effects of the war was WWI had the biggest shocking effect on Germany. This led to WWII.The US lost many soldiers, but their causalities and fatalities were miniscule compared to those of the other countries involved. Germany lost the most people

Russia-between 20 and 25 million people.

Most countries use men for soldiers unless they are short. Then they will use older children for war.

Germany lead the way in casualties, with some 19 Million dead.

The Ottoman Empire lost the most territory after the World War 1. Under the peace treaty with Britain the most of the Ottoman Empire was redistributed and turned into their own countries.

Most working women lost their jobs so that the returning soldiers could go back to work.

Most were US and South Korean soldiers. In addition, there were MANY UN countries' soldiers from everywhere from Australia to Poland.

Most places where they have child labour.

WW2 from citizens to soldiers to concentration camps

California lost the most men; over 5,000 dead.

Russia had the most soldiers in World War Two they sent over 12 million soldiers into the War.

French Belgian Italian German States: Prussia, Wurtenberg, Saxon, Bavaria Austria-Hungary Portugal Poland Greece Bulgaria Albania & Bosnia-Herzogovinia Rumania Russia Turkey Commonwealths of UK: Australia Canada United States (after 1917) ww1 was called a world war because most of the countries around the world got involved in it. ww1 was called a world war because most of the countries around the world got involved in it. ww1 was called a world war because most of the countries around the world got involved in it.

world war 1 lost the most lives

Austria-Hungary lost most of its population to neighboring countries.

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