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randy orton randy orton randy orton at backlash

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Q: In wresilmania25 who wll win the WWE champion belt?
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How much did john cena win WWE champion belt?

92 times What? He has won the WWE Champion Belt 7 times, not 92.

How did gail kim get the divas champion belt?

She will have to talk to WWE to script a title win then have the match then win the ask wwe how long can i hold the belt.

How did Jeff hardy win the WWE belt?

He beat the champion of that belt He beat the champion of that belt yea i agree with you people yea i agree with you people

How many times did Randy Orton win the WWE champion belt?


Who win WWE champship belt?

right now December 21 2010 the miz is the wwe champion. the person who one the wwe champion belt the most was john cena. The miz thinks he is all that but he sucks and he got the wwe chamion belt by a disqualification.

How many times did hhh win the WWE champion belt?


Who is going to win WWE champion belt at TLC pay per view?

i don't know but most likely john cena

Did batista ever win the WWE spinner belt?

yes his won wwe spinner belt.

Will sheamus win the WWE championship?

No he did not win Zach Ganyo beat him for the WWE Championship so The New WWE CHAMPION Zach Ganyo

Who was the youngest wrestler to win WWE champion?

Mark Rothwell

Who will win the night of champion in WWE championship?

randy orton

Will John cena win the WWE champion at wresthlemania 27?

Never say never. At least I hope he will. And to be honest, I also think he will. The Miz has been the WWE Champion for a while now, and it's time for that belt to get a new owner. And who are more loved by the WWE Universe than John Cena? :)

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