In writing is jr or II proper?

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What are the proper waste on writing a number in scientific notation?

Writing a string of random digits is a proper waste!

Why do writing is important?

What is "do writing?" This does not appear to be proper English. If the question were rephrased in proper English, I think we would know how to answer it.

What is it called when you put your writing into sentences?

Proper writing ways

What is biography of Vicente Rivera Jr?

Vicente Rivera Jr. first starting writing in the 1930's. After writing for several years Vicente Rivera Jr. died in 1999 in Houston, Texas.

What is bowser jrs proper name?

Bowser Jr's proper name is Bowser Jr. He is called "Junior" by his father, but his real name is Bowser Jr.

How do you you write a proper Diamonte poem?

By writing a proper diamonte poem.

Does a Jr become the II after Sr passes away?


What are two types of styles of letter writing?

One is informal and the other is formal. Informal is not proper like if you writing to a friend. Formal is proper and perfect like if you were writing to a president.

When writing Jr after someone's name do you use a coma?


What is the proper salutation in a letter addressed to husband and wife where husband is jr?

The proper way to address a letter and envelope for a husband that is a Junior is: Mr. & Mrs. John Doe, Jr.

Do I capitalize when writing proper nouns?


Who is Barack Obama jr?

he is the president of the U.S.A. He is actually named Barack Obama II, rather than Jr.

What do you call Jr or Sr when it follows a last name?

It is called suffix. e.g Jr, II, III, Sr

Why do you need proper plurals and possessives in your writing?

To make your writing clear, concise, and legible.

4 ways of writing the symbol of an element?

what is the proper way of writing the symbols of elements

What skills do most people not have?

Most people do not have effective writing skills. This includes correct spelling, proper grammar usage, and proper organization of the document they are writing.

What is the proper way to list husband and wife in a program when husband is jr?

The proper way to list a husband and wife when his last name has a Junior behind it is: Mr. & Mrs. John Doe, Jr.

Why did Maya Angelou start writing?

Maya Angelou started writing after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

Why is proper writing important?

Proper writing allows the reader to understand you more easily and allows you to express yourself in a clear, understanable way. Poor writing often leads to confusion and can be offensive to some people.

When writing Jr after someone's name do you use a comma?

You use a period after it. Here's an example: Martin Luther King Jr.

Is it proper grammar to begin a sentence with then?

If you are writing proper grammar you should not use 'then' at the beginning of a sentence.

What is the proper salutation when Writing to a member of congress?


What was Martin Luther King Jr. speech?

ii have a dream

Can you use swivelled in a sentence?

I think so, but I'm not really sure if it's considered "correct" in "proper writing". I don't really believe in "proper writing" though.

When writing a business letter it is proper to include a least - in each paragraph?

When writing a business letter it is proper to include at least two sentences in each paragraph.