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I am pretty sure this means "supplemetal restraint system" meaning airbag. ignore it at the peril of it not working when you may need it

I just paid the Honda Service Dept. $723.65 (12/02/05) for parts and labor to replace the SRS Control Unit of my 1997 Civic LX. When the first SRS light came on, Honda replaced the battery saying low battery power could cause the light to come on, and if the light comes back the SRS (air bags) Control Unit need to be replaced. It came back after resetting several times.

If your srs control unit is not defective, I think this site has a good solution. I wished I tried it first before bringing the car to Honda.

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Q: In your 1999 Honda Civic 4 dr sedan after 71 thousand miles the SRS light came on and will not go off what caused this?
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