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It's probably the transmission, either the valve body or the clutch pack. Either way, it means a rebuild of the transmission.

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How do you change a torque converter in 1979 ford f-150?

Pull the transmission and change it. The torque converter is inside the bell housing on the front of the transmission. Only way to get it out is to pull the transmission.

How do you change the torque converter on a 1988 k1500 with a 350 engine?

Pull the transmission and change it.

How do you change the front transmission seal on a 1991 Chevy Camaro?

You will have to remove the transmission and torque converter from the car to get to the front seal.

You have an 1990 Chevy with an auto transmission and you were wondering if you have to change the whole transmission if you only blow the reverse gear?

reverse gear going out is a good indication the rest will go out soon. yes you need to change entire transmission, or have your transmissin rebuilt. a mechanic will not just rebuild reverse .it will be complete rebuild or replacement

How do you change the torque converter clutch on a 1998 Mercury Sable?

The torque converter clutch is inside of the toque converter. You must replace the whole torque converter as an assembly. The torque converter is sandwiched between the engine and transmission inside the transmission bellhousing. To access and replace the torque converter, the transmission will have to be removed. The trnsmission on that car is removed by raising the car on a hoist, supporting the engine with a special engine support tool, removing the lower engine cradle assmebly, and removing the transmission out through the bottom of the vehicle.

Can someone outline the steps to change a front seal in the transmission of a 1993 Aerostar 2WD with a 3.0?

not sure how indepth you want this but here goes the short version first you remove the transmission from the van then you remove the tourque converter from the transmission and then you have a shaft sticking out that the tourque converter was on and where the shaft enters the transmission the seal is there! remove it and install the new one and re install in reverse off the removal process EMEMBER WHEN YOU REINSTALL THE CONVERTER TO LUBRICATE THE OUT SIDE OF THE PART THAT SLIDES IN TO THE SEAL AND MAKE SURE AS YOU PUSH THE CONVERTER BACK IT CLICKS 3 TIMES NOT JUST 2 OR YOU'LL BUST YOUR PUMP THEN YOU GOT BIG PROBLEMS!

How do you change the transmission fluid on a 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24?

If the transmission has a drain plug in the pan, remove the plug, allow to drain for at least 1/2 hour, so that the torque converter will drain, replace the plug, add fluid, run engine, put transmission in drive, neutral, reverse, neutral, drive, repeat for about 5 minutes, check fluid level, top off if needed, repeat running in drive, neutral, reverse. If the transmission does not have a drain, you have to drop the pan, which is best done by a transmission shop.

Do you have to remove the transmission to change the torque converter on a 1999 acura tl?

You can either pull the trans or pull the engine. Your choice, But you must do 1 or the other to get to the converter.

How do you change the front pump on a turbo 350?

remove the transmission and torque converter. Remove the bolts from the pump (front of transmission case) and remove the pump.

2005 F-350 automatic transmission fluid change amount?

19 qts full change/torque converter included.

What is the best way to change the transmission oil and filter including oil in the converter on a 2000 Impala LS?


How much transmission fluid does a 1997 Dodge Intrepid hold?

4.9 qts. ------------- For a fluid and filter change 9.9 qts. ------------- If Transmission and Torque Converter are dry.

How do you change front seal on 1997 dodge ram transmission?

you have to pull the whole transmission and remove torque converter and its right behind it.. very fun job......

Where is transmission filter located on 2003 Mitsubishi diamante?

Inside the transmission case. You'll have to disasemble the torque converter housing from the unit, so the transmission will have to be out of the car in order to change the filter . The most that you can do is change the fluid every 30,000 miles.

Should you change the torque converter with the transmission?

I would highly recomend you to replace the converter at the same time. I would also thoughly flush out the transmission oil cooler and lines. The transmission is an expensive investment and you don't wany ANY foreign material from the old, possibly blown transmission contaminating the new transmission. It would greatly reduce the life expectency.

How do you change a flywheel for a 1998 Ford Contour?

flywheel replacement generally requires removal of the Transmission and Torque Converter .

How do I change the reverse light fuse on Megane Mk 11 and where is the fuse box the reverse lights are not working but everything else is.?

It may be the reverse light switch that need replacing, which is on the transmission.

How do you change a torque converter on a 350 transmission?

take the tranny out and pull the converter out of the front of the tranny and put new converter in and make sure you hear it click twice when putting it back onto the tranny and reinstall tranny.

What could happen with a loose torque converter?

If the torque converter is loose it can do alot of damage to the transmission too. My ex- had to replace the transmission because the bolts were not put in correctly when someone else had changed something out. He had to put in a new transmission and torque converter. If it is running too rough you may have to change it all out. Check the bolts first to make sure everything is tight. If it is then you'll probably need new trany and torque converter.

How do you do a complete automatic transmission fluid change on a 2002 buick century?

Bring to a shop that has the equiment to fully pump out the transmission and torque converter and re-fill system

Does the torque converter have to be removed to change out a transmissions on 2001 Chevy X Z?

It must be unbolted from the engine flex-plate (flywheel) then correctly installed into the replacement transmission. Failure to install the torque converter correctly will result in expensive damage to the transmission.

2002camryv6 stalls when stopping for light after getting off turnpi?

Torque converter staying loced on transmission change solenoid

How do you change transmission filter on a 2002 Mitsubishi lancer?

The filter is located behind the torque converter in the Lancer. Changing the filter is a long process and is recommended only if there is an issue with the transmission.

How do you change Torque converter?

major job for the inexperienced you must first remove the transmission then you remove torque converter from flex plate. flex plate is equivalent to a fly wheel in a standard gear box to replace torque converter, is another job in itself as it must be installed loosely until transmission is installed , then properly filled with transmission fluid then tightened properly if not sure about all this, it is likely to not work or fail going down the road WAIT!, ..unbolt the torque converter from the flex plate and remove with the transmission! If you pull the transmission separately, you risk damaging the pump in the transmission! Same applies going back in, the torque converter needs to be meshed into the front pump of the transmission before putting into the car. Then once the transmission is bolted to the engine, THEN you bolt the torque converter to the flex plate. If you do as described in the first answer, you will very likely end up replacing the entire transmission! This job requires experience and special tools, not for the beginner.

How do you change the rear transmission seal on a 1995 Jeep Cherokee Sport?

Remove the driveshaft from the back of the transmission. Remove the rear transmission plate. Remove the transmission seal with a seal puller. Reverse the process to install the new transmission seal.