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Indonesia during World War 2?

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March 27, 2013 4:00PM

During ww1 Indonesia under colonization of dutch empire and gave them economical wealth.

Was occupied by Japan from 1942 -1945 on ww2 and grab their independent when japan lost the war. Many of Indonesia people trained by japan to become reserve army when lately become Indonesia national army. They fought the British commonwealth army in some place, the most popular is battle of Surabaya.

The Indonesian Army and people of Indonesia fought dutch army since their arrival til 1949 when dutch empire get international pressure about Indonesia independent.

When cold war Indonesia build non-block pact with many Asia and Africa country even though lately they proper to soviet. Indonesia became one of the powerful country cause they get newest and best military warfare from soviet for the propaganda fight against dutch army on the operation TRIKORA {liberation of IRIAN JAYA (west papua now day)}