Importing and Exporting

Influenced Axum's increasing trade?

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by controlling the losses and increasing the benefit...........

Increasing levels of economic trade

Trade affected Constantinople by increasing foreign affairs. Constantinople began to grow in industry once foreign trade was established.

The Etruscans and Greeks influenced the Roman culture.EX:Etruscans made coins for trade which influenced Romans to do the same.

Minoans were a civilization that benefited from trade, and therefore for it to have a significant effect on the Mycenaean civilization, trade was the main solution.

International trade Actually, thinking about it, more accurately it facilitates trade by making the transport more efficient. It doesn't increase the trade. It services the trade that is there, by increasing its efficiency.

Need and caring. If you need it from abroad and you have something to offer for it you have international trade influenced by need. If you care about lives abroad and have the capacity to bring something to them, usually in exchange for something later down the line (to impart responsibility) you have international trade influenced by caring.

The collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War contributed the most to increasing international trade for eastern and western Europe in the 1990's.

Technological innovations have made global trade a lot better connected. They have also been able to increase the amount of global trade.

It influenced the founding and growth of Sumer because with rivers they were able to trade more often.

Controlling trade is a key to increasing power.

An interest in increasing exportsAn interest in having a favorable trade balance

Crusaders brought back goods increasing trade.

International trade and communication among people of different cultures has always led any "revolution" in thinking and practices.

By showing the world that we are becoming smarter and better advanced, making it more interesting and valuable to trade with others.

Yes it is. Hawaii used to trade with other islands in the Pacific so it was greatly influenced by their culture, and other islands were influenced by theirs.

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