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It is believed that a group of people belonging to the ancient MesoAmerican cultures (Mayan and Aztec) traveled north to settle in the area which is present-day southern Arizona. They came to this rugged valley formed by the slow running Gila and Salt rivers around 300 BC. They survived in this region by irrigating the land, and their advanced farming methods produced an ample supply of food to support their sizeable population. They lived there until 1500 AD and for reasons that are still a mystery, their culture began to fade, and subsequently vanished. The Pima called these remarkable people the "Hohokam" meaning the "vanished ones."

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What did the hohokam tribes wear?

The Hohokam wore buffalo sheets

What kind of clothing did the hohokam Indian tribe wear?

they wear dirty hohokam clothes

What did the hohokam and the ancestral pueblo have in common?

ancestral pueblo make home like hohokam

How did the anasazi and hohokam disappear?

The hohokam disappeared by either a drought or a flood, most likely drought.

When was Hohokam Pima National Monument created?

Hohokam Pima National Monument was created in 1972.

Why did the Hohokam Indians live in Arizona?

the Hohokam started to live in Arizona on 1774 on may 2th

How were the pueblo like there ancestors the Hohokam?

The farmed like both the hohokam and the anasazi so that's how they were alike

Did the hohokam have to drink water from the rivers?

The Hohokam didn't have any electronic back then in A.D/B.C so yes they actually had to go and take a bucket and take back to their village. HOHOKAM!<3

What actors and actresses appeared in Hohokam - 2010?

The cast of Hohokam - 2010 includes: Rudy Youngblood as Chahngo

When did the Hohokam settle in Arizona?

The Hohokam settled in Arizona around 300 A.D. I hope this helped all y'all.

What has the author Barstad Jan written?

Barstad. Jan. has written: 'Hohokam pottery' -- subject(s): Hohokam pottery

How were the Hohokam different from the Anasazi?

the Hohokam culture didn't know how to make adobe until the Anasaz culture taught them

What does Hohokam mean in English?

the vanished

How did the hohokam dress?

animal cloth

Where did the Hohokam settle?

in Southwest America

What kind of government did the hohokam have?


What type of government did the hohokam have?


What did the Hohokam Indians eat?


Where were the hohokam located?

in new Mexico

What foods did the hohokam eat?


Did the hohokam have holidays?

they said answer this question

What do Hohokam clothes look like?

Hohokam made cordage (yarn) from cotton, milkweed, yucca, and agave fiber for weaving and sewing.

What languages were spoken by the Hohokam Indians?

The Hohokam did not have written records, and went extinct about the time the Europeans arrived, so we do not know what languages they spoke.

How did the hohokam manage to grow crops in the desert?

the Hohokam lived in present-day south-central Arizona from about A.D. 300 until about 1400.

What are Hohokam games?

Hohokam games hurt others. They play in a canyon with twig-made rings. They kick a leather ball through the rings.