Info on marlin 336TS

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There is so much info on the Marlin model 336TS. This is a lever-action sporting rifle which was made by Marlin Firearms from 1948 and has been availed in various models.?æ

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Q: Info on marlin 336TS
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Marlin 336TS 30-30?

The 336TS (by my guide) was a lever action 30-30 Win. made from 1983-87. 6 rd. tubular mag. 18.5 in micro-groove barrel and weighed in at 6.5 lbs. Had a Straight-grip American walnut stock, and (depending on condition) brings around $400. Hope this helps you.

Where can info on a Marlin Bolt Action 25-06 hunting rifle be found?

Is this gun marked Marlin MR-7? If so, Marlin Firearms Co. can give you info on these newer guns.

How can you determine the year of a marlin firearm?

look on the net for a marlin gun collectors site, they have that info.

Is there any info on marlin firearm model 336cs serial number 160171165?

I can say that your Marlin model 336CS was made in the year 1984.I would look to Marlin,s own website to get any more info on your model of Marlin lever action rifle.

Can a Marlin 512 rifled barrel be fitted to a Model 55 smoothbore?

i need some info the on marlin 512 cockmaster

What is the manufacture date for a marlin rifle with the serial number 02280600?

write to marlin with any and all markins on the barrel and receiver they will be able to give you a lot of info

Where can you find info on marlin model 995?

Brophy's book on Marlin Firearms history would be the place to start. I own a model 995, have a copy of the manual.

How can you find info on a glenfield model 30A 30-30 cal.?

Marlin Glenfield. Marlin Glenfield

Info on a Marlin limited edition mod ga 30 cal 3030?

Yes one was made.

How many marlin 512 slug master's were made?

While I cannot say the exact amount,I can say that they were only made from 1994-1999.Marlin themselves may have the info you seek.

Why does Marlin 1894 lever sticks open?

Impossible to diagnose without more info. Take it to a gunsmith. Impossible to diagnose without more info. Take it to a gunsmith.

Where can you find info on a Sears Model 45 30-30?

Your rifle was made for Sears by Marlin, and is a model 336C.

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