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Albert "Tiny" Carr from Bow in London's East End was the first referee to make a name for himself on the small screen in the early sixties, though he had officiated on the first ever televised Wrestling in 1938, and was already a regular at the Royal Albert Hall, but his darting around and unflinching admonishment of villainous heavyweights more than twice his size captured the viewing public's imagination, and his catchy name caught on.

On FA Cup Final Day 1963, it was Tiny Carr who refereed the big televised needle match between Jackie Pallo and Mick McManus. In January 1964 Tiny Carr officiated in the first ever televised tag match to feature the then unbeaten team of Mick McManus and Steve Logan, their opponents in Kingston being locals Spencer Churchill and Eddie Capelli. Tiny Carr disappeared from the scene, unheralded, in about 1969.


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