Information about ghosts?

ghosts are believed to be spirits that live in you, if you believe in heaven and hell it is believed that if gone to hell you soal is given away or wasted. ghosts go back a long time which means it is highly possible ghosts are myth's. communicating with the dead (ghosts) is proven not to be safe, things as Ouija board's are illegal in the UK to buy. although you may get one on the high street cheaply, you shouldn't be tempted to buy, as it is known old and bad spirits come out. If ever tempted and are stupid enough to try out an Ouija board, never give the spirit chance to knock or interact with our world, as a result you are letting the dead into our world as said its highly dangerous. despite all that it is not proven ghost are real there is nothing to say they are not. so its 50/50 between believing or not no one is wrong or right