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balance sheet and cash flow statement
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Can a bank disclose your credit information?

Answer . \nIt depends on whom they are giving the information. Agencies such as the IRS are entitled to such information. Creditors generally are given permission by the consumer to access of such info., as a means of verification for credit approval.

What information can present employers disclose to new employers?

In Texas they are allowed to ask your hire date, last day of employment, your ending salary and if you are eligible for rehire. If you are not eligible for rehire the prospective employer cannot ask why. The problem is if you were laid off and signed a severance package that would make you ineligibl ( Full Answer )

How much information can a employer disclose about a past employee?

Answer . \nLegally it may vary from State to State. I believe though, they can only be asked how long you were employed. And if they would rehire you.. but again it may vary... Answer . It depends on who's asking. If it's a refernce check, likely they will only confirm that you worked there ( Full Answer )

Should you consent to disclose tax information?

Your tax information should stay between you, your employer and a reputable firm [ if any ] that prepares your taxes and no one else. No one else needs to know that information. Everything about you is contained there. Keep that information as private as you can.

When is it appropriate to disclose personal information what type of relationship?

You never disclose any type of information such as banking, any passwords or pins, codes etc - possibly when your married. Simple general information when just meeting someone is okay, but its best not to disclose anything until you have known a person for sometime and know them, or able to trust th ( Full Answer )

What information should never be disclosed when online?

You shouldn't disclose personal information such as phone number,addresses or information about your children. If you discloseinformation, you can be harassed by advertisers and other people.

How do you get information on a company?

There are a few ways that you can get information on a company using the Internet. You can search for information, news, etc. on a company using search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. You can also use resources like Hoover's Online and LexisNexis.

What is the information collected after an experiment is performed?

Formally, the information collected after an experiment is the result. Based on the observed the result(s), one can formulate a conclusion.. data, observations . If this is for the Sunday Express crossword, Sunday 20th Sept, question 26 across, I put 'feedback' as the answer, which would be inform ( Full Answer )

What information don't you have to disclose in a job interview?

The following questions are adapted from the article, "30 Interview Questions You Can't Ask and 30 Sneaky, Legal Alternatives to Get the Same Info," HR World, September 28, 2009: . whether you have a religious affiliation (and/or what it is) . what religious holidays you observe . your nat ( Full Answer )

What type of situation would you self-disclose personal information explain?

In a personal relationship that is becoming intimate , any pertinent physical or mental health problems or previous abusive relationships. . In business , none except what is required by law . . In casual social relationships , don't discuss anything you don't want anyone and everyone to know.

Can a private college impose a disciplinary expulsion on youthful offender because of not disclosing information?

It is possible that if a specific question is asked regarding previous offences and those offences are NOT SPENT then it is possible for them to do this . If the offence is such that it COULD possibley effect other sudents (sexual offences for instance) then again many education bodies have clear c ( Full Answer )

Wife married in community of property signs lease with tenant without husbands consent and does not disclose this information to the tenant nor disclose information to husband considered as fraud?

It is not fraud if it was done inadvertently. The effect would be that the lease is invalid. The question would be the extent of the damages incurred. If there is a great deal of money involved you should consult with an attorney who can review the situation and determine what your options are. Perh ( Full Answer )

I'm 21 and live in UK What can I do if my doctor discloses personal private information about me to my mother?

Unless either party is planning on admitting to that in a civil court, there is not much to be done about it. Send a stern letter to the doctor, in which you calmly and firmly explain to him how you were hurt by that, and note in that letter that copies are being sent to whatever medical board, asso ( Full Answer )

Can you claim unemployment if a company fires you for a pending felony case but you disclose information before background check was conducted?

You can always claim unemployment. Whether you get the benefit or not is the question. I am an employer of 2 companies and usually if you state on the aplication that you have a history as a convicted felon and then they fire you for that reason then yes you should be able to get the unemployment ca ( Full Answer )

When the meaning of information is disclosed to only authorized individuals which service is provided Information availabilty or information integrity or information confidentiality or info nonrepudi?

When the meaning of information is disclosed to only authorized individuals the service provided is information confidentiality. Information availability is exactly that - the availability of the information. If the system crashes or is bogged down by a DDOS attack, availability is impacted. Informa ( Full Answer )

When should a company disclose extraordinary items on their income statement?

If an item is unique and significant but it does not meet the criteria for being both "unusual and infrequent," the item must remain in the main section of the income statement; it can however be shown as a separate line item. For exampleof situations that do not qualify as extraordinary items los ( Full Answer )

Is it unprofessional to disclose information about the company you are working for?

It can be neutral, it can be unprofessional, it can be unethical, it can be illegal, or it can be exactly what you are supposed to do, depending on the nature of the information and your role at the company. The profession in question will have guidelines and/or codes of ethics helping people to ( Full Answer )

Is it necessary to disclose all the life insurance policy with every company?

I assume you are talking about disclosing your current life insurance policies to a company that you are applying to for a new policy. You should be absolutely as truthfull as you can in every aspect of any insurance applications that you fill out. The application and policy are a legally binding co ( Full Answer )

Whose authority is needed for a health care provider to disclose health care information?

Generally, the patient himself has to sign an agreement allowing the health care provider to share health care information about himself with another person. Thus, for example, if the patient was going to a specialist, the patient would sign allowing his primary care doctor to give the specialist in ( Full Answer )

What type of information is disclosed on an equity release?

An equity release allows someone to remain in their home, while receiving an income for it. It's very similar to a reverse mortgage. All the risks associated with the equity will be disclosed, such as the fact the person can no longer sell their home if they needed to.

Why is it important to disclose information in nursing?

To assist in the welfare and treatment of the patient ! It's no good transferring a patient from one hospital to another - without telling the destination hospital the patients history. Otherwise the doctors at the new hospital would have to perform a complete diagnosis all over again - wasting ti ( Full Answer )

How can you find information on diesel performance?

One can find this type of information on the websites of manufacturers of diesel vehicles or in the owners' manuals of such vehicles. For more unbiased information, one could consult an automotive rating company such as Edmunds.

Can your auto insurance company disclose your private information?

No they shouldn't disclose your personal information without your authority to do so. If you don't want anyone to know certain personal iinformaion you need to be very carefull what you sign. The fin print on the application and in the policy allows alot of personal information to be turned over to ( Full Answer )