Information about performance of company is disclosed by?

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balance sheet and cash flow statement
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Can a bank disclose your credit information?

Answer . \nIt depends on whom they are giving the information. Agencies such as the IRS are entitled to such information. Creditors generally are given permission by the co

Can you claim unemployment if a company fires you for a pending felony case but you disclose information before background check was conducted?

You can always claim unemployment. Whether you get the benefit or not is the question. I am an employer of 2 companies and usually if you state on the aplication that you have
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Is it unprofessional to disclose information about the company you are working for?

It can be neutral, it can be unprofessional, it can be unethical, it can be illegal, or it can be exactly what you are supposed to do, depending on the nature of the informati
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What type of information is disclosed on an equity release?

An equity release allows someone to remain in their home, while receiving an income for it. It's very similar to a reverse mortgage. All the risks associated with the equity
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Why is it important to disclose information in nursing?

To assist in the welfare and treatment of the patient ! It's no good transferring a patient from one hospital to another - without telling the destination hospital the patien
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Can your auto insurance company disclose your private information?

No they shouldn't disclose your personal information without your authority to do so. If you don't want anyone to know certain personal iinformaion you need to be very careful