Information on ps3 resistance game?

Resistance is a game based in the 1950's era where you play as an American soldier being placed in England to fight off an army of monsters that was created in Russia during the 1940's. The monsters destroyed/took over Russia and changed history thus WWII never really occurring. Now you must help the British fight off this invasion before the monsters take over the world. The graphics are nice but only support up to 720p resolution...gameplay is smooth and there is a solid framerate at all times. The action is intense and the AI difficulty is rather difficult because the enemies do realistic things such as flanking.

they ask for information well they got it. the only information they need is an invincible character in the resistance game yes there is and his name is Henry he is the best character anyone can ask to play for he's way more awsomer and cooler than Nathan i mean did anyone stop to think that if everyone is dead how and why the guy on the radio is still alive and well henrys just to awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!