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Q: Information on teesha Moore?
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Who is teesha Moore?

Teesha Moore is a mixed-media artist who lives in America with her husband and children

How old is teesha Moore?

teesha is 55 and so sexual

When was teesha Moore born and where?


When did teesha Moore die?


Where does the teesha Moore live?

She lives in spain

Where was the artist Teesha Moore born?


When was Teesha Moore born?

Teesha Moore is an American artist. On 2014, her website stated that she was 51 years old. That would have made her birthday somewhere near 1963.

What inspired teesha Moore?

On Teesha Moore's website it says she was inspired by some of her husbands drawings.and nuts magasine.

Who was teesha Moore?

She draws some art about her self, ~ibbi~

When was Teesha Moore the artist born?

1990 no it was 1968 that answer is rong

Where was teesha Moore born?

she was born in america, well somewhere but yeah!

What kind of artist is teesha Moore contemporary modern etc?

she is a mixed multi-media artist

Facts about Teesha Moore?

She loves children and is around about 45 now ................................................................................................

Teesha Moore the artist?

she is 45 years old and lives in America. She does some extrordinary art. And she likes potatoes mashed up and fried< she doesnt at all!! she likes her mash creamy!!

What does teesha Moore do?

She creates artwork using different pages out of her journal- she uses fabrics, metals, magazines and nespaper. If you can't imagine it, type it up in Google imags,thicko! :P

What is Teesha Moore's nationality?


What does the name Teesha mean?

teesha is the baby girl name which have the meaning "noble women", n its latin meaning is "aristocrat" its origin is "patricius"

What has the author Pamela S Moore written?

Pamela S. Moore has written: 'Useful information on suicide'

What is Teesha Moore like?

She creates colourful, vibrant and quite surreal pieces of art. The normally include pictures turned into animals or other creatures and quotes or meaningful words in the background. Her website is It shows all of her artwork on there

What has the author Eileen Moore Trauth written?

Eileen Moore Trauth has written: 'Qualitative Research in Is' 'Information literacy' -- subject(s): Electronic data processing, Information technology

Is Teesha moores art good?

Yes. Most of it is very good.

Where can one find information about Roger Moore?

Roger Moore has an official site that is dedicated completely to information on him for anyone interested in learning more. The Canadian Tribute site has an in depth look at his work.

What artists use letters in their art?

Michelle Caplan, Teesha morre, Cody Trepete, Ed Fella.

What was Ruth ella Moore family like?

There is no information on what Ruth Ella Moore's family was like. Ruth Ella Moore is most known for being a scientist who studied bacteriology.

What has the author Martin B Moore written?

Martin B. Moore has written: 'A review of carbon monoxide incident information for 2002/2003' -- subject(s): Safety measures, Carbon monoxide