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who are some of the people in civil war north against south?

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There was never a war of whites against blacks. But there was the civil war which was the north against south.

The people in the north were not any more against slavery than the south because the north used slaves for industrial production. The state of deleware even had slaves for years after the civil war.

They were "the Civil War". The North and the South were going against each other. They were fighting against slavery (the North). And the South wanted slavery.

The north and the south fought against each other in the civil war.

African Americans there were in the North did fight in the Civil War. This was because African Americans were fighting against the people who enslaved them.

the north fought the south, and the north won north- against slavery south- slavery

He was fighting against the south so he was with the north fighting against slavery.

It is a civil WA. That is why when the south and north fought, it was called civil.war...

the confederates were the people from the south who fought against the union in the civil war. Union a.k.a north hope this helps

The South was agents the North.

the civil war began against slavery. the north and south fighted against each other to see who wins.

A Korean Civil War would pit Koreans against Koreans.

The civil war was more than a war between the states. It often pitted against brother against brother, parents against their children, and neighbor against neighbor.

North and south of America fought. North against slavory south for it. After the Civil War and the North won we became one nation.

the two parts in the civil war were the union(north, against slavery) and the confederates (south, supporting slavery) and the union won after the confederates surrendered!

It was the south against the north. The Union (North), The confederates (South).

The north and the south. The north was against slavery, and the south was for it.

The north, which was against slavery.

There were 20 million in the north during the civil war

The southern people of America agreed with segregation and discrimination, while most people in the north were against this idea

During the Civil War Vermont soldiers fought with the Union "The North" If you want more information on Vermont in the Civil War During the Civil War Vermont soldiers fought with the Union "The North" If you want more information on Vermont in the Civil War

As in all civil wars, the US Civil War pitted two American groups against one another: in this case, the North or Union against the South or Confederacy.

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