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Information technology in hospitality and tourism?


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Martin Peacock has written: 'Information Technology in the Hospitality Industry' -- subject(s): Hospitality industry, Data processing, Information technology

significance of transportation in hospitality and tourism management

Tourism and Hospitality is related because hospitality is needed when you are in tourism. It is being kind or entertaining guests of which is the main thing or concern when it comes to tourism. You are to be kind and entertain guests in your place

Hospitality is linked strongly to tourism. The link between tourism and hospitality is due to profits made in the hotel and food service industries by travelers.

Tourism has a great importance to the hospitality industry because without tourism, many in the hospitality industry would not have work. Many hotels and restaurants rely on tourism to make up a good portion of the income.

It all depends upon your interest. You can go for MBA in: Tourism and Hospitality Information & Technology Media management .....etc Some good universities which offer it are: LPU, Amity, Thapar, etc...... Lookout their website for detailed information.

what is tourism and how is it related to hospitality

definition of hospiality and tourism management?

Tourism of an area dramatically affects the hospitality industry of that same area. If there are no tourists, hotels and restaurants among others are greatly affected. Increased tourism means more business for the hospitality industry.

The hospitality and tourism industries benefit from each other directly and are interrelated in a lot of workplaces. Tourism industry and workplaces require people that are trained in hospitality to provide services for the events that they are advertising. Hospitality industry directly benefits from this by gaining work and providing services for events advertised by the tourism industry. Companies in the hospitality industry gain exposure and free advertisement by being hired to work at tourism industry events.

tourism=moving people from one place to another temporarily hospitality=providing accommodation ,food, beverages and entertainment to tourists

Karen Lieberman has written: 'Ethics in the hospitality and tourism industry' -- subject(s): Hospitality industry, Case studies, Tourism

what are the relivance of computer application packages as acourse of studies to the hospitality

I think Hospitality Some collages have Hospitality or something like Hospitality and Tourism Management

benefit of technology in tourism industry?

Hospitality & tourism

HOSTPLUS is the name of a fund for industries involved with hospitality, tourism, and more. The company offers its employees access to pensions, insurance, and more.

what are the different job opportunities in tourism industry .

The hospitality industry started back in the early 19th century. This is when tourism became popular and hospitality had to be introduced as well.

Cetana PSB International College-English Business Tourism Hospitality was created in 2003.

Food and beverage Accommodations Travel and Tourism

If You have courses like "Hospitality Management" or "Tourism and Hotel management". "TOURISM" as a course is mostly common. You can choose that if "Hospitality Management" is not available in your school of choice.

acommodation, food beverage , entertainment, sports event, tourism, travel, retail flying

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