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ingredients used in making a mosquito repellent made of ipil ipil leaves


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Kakawate leaves have an active ingredient that can be used as a mosquito killer. The chemical attracts mosquitoes but then kills them after some exposure.

Guava leaves can be used to make an effective mosquito repellent. The liquid inside of the leaves can be extracted and put into a solution as a repellent.

No but it is effective in driving away mosquitoes but not 100%

Sambong leaves have a powerful active ingredient that can kill mosquitoes and other insects. This ingredient can be extracted into liquid form.

Well I kill the Mosquito beacuse it stings me a it hurts!! It leaves a bump!

Guava leaves are one of the natural mosquito repellants. Other plants that are effective include lemon grass, cacao leaves, citronella, and eucalyptus.

Alagaw leaves are natural mosquito repellent. A mosquito coil is a type of repellent made into the shape of a coil and hung to keep mosquitos away. To make one using the leaves, the leaves can be put inside or crushed and made into a paste or powder.

A mosquito fish mainly feeds on mosquito larvae in the wild but in captivity a mosquito fish eats it's fry or leaves off of plants

Cacao leaves make a good mosquito repellent because it is not appealing to mosquitos. To make a repellent, the leaves are boiled, and the juices are used for repellent.

how can mosquito die? you can use some ingredients from your house its easy when you have oregano leaves just spray it to the mosquitoes first you have to use a chopping board or anything that the oregano can chop small into pieces and you can put in to the spray bottle or you can add some water

If a mosquito has recently had a feed then it will be full of somebody's blood, that is what you see when you squash the mosquito, blood.

The active chemical in atis leaves can be extracted to use as a mosquito repellent. The liquid is extracted and put into a repellent solution.

because the oxygen in the reppellent stops the mosquito from stopping to bite you and haveng it being distracted to the oxygen

You have to boil the guava leaves to make mosquito repellent. Add lemon grass to the water with the guava leaves. Cool mixture and apply to skin to repel bugs.

use as insecticidesit is also use as mosquito repellant or as mosquito coil

use the leaves , get the extract of it then spray.

Because cacao leaves have a special chemical that is unpealing to mosquito's

guava leaves is also advisable as mosquito repellent like apple and orange peels.. just boil them and then add some Thai lemon grass... :)

The active ingredient in papaya leaves is a natural mosquito repellent. It can be extracted into a liquid repellent solution.

Because when the female mosquito attempts to bite you the stinger on their mouths poke a hole in you so they can suck your blood, after that it leaves a bump because of the force with which the mosquito pulled out the stinger!

If you boil the atis leaves and separate the juices from the leaves, you can add them to a lotion recipe to make your own easy mosquito repellent. Try to use a lotion mix that is heavy on aloe Vera to soothe your skin and any bites you may get.

Yes, mosquito ferns are very effective at repelling mosquitoes. The active chemical in the leaves of the fern deter mosquitoes.

Papaya leaves have an active ingredient that repels mosquitoes. The leaves can be crushed and the liquid inside can be used to make a repellent solution.

Young unfermented tea leaves.

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