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How much do insects out number animals by?

1000:1 edit : eight out of ten animals in the animal kingdom are estimated to be an insect.

How much money did Animal Kingdom gross worldwide?

Animal Kingdom grossed $8,078,683 worldwide.

How much money did Animal Kingdom gross domestically?

Animal Kingdom grossed $1,044,039 in the domestic market.

How many insects are known?

There are estimated to be between six and ten million species of insects living on Earth today, and they may make up as much as 90% of the animal species on Earth.

How much percent of the animal kingdom can fart?


How much phyla does the animal kingdom have?

None there all dead

How to make animal and plant cells?

It pretty much has to do with sex to make the animal cell...

Is rat an insect?

Obviously NOT!Insects are classified as:Kingdom:AnimaliaPhylum:ArthropodaSubphylum:HexapodaClass:InsectaRats are classified as:Kingdom:AnimaliaPhylum:ChordataClass:MammaliaOrder:RodentiaSuperfamily:MuroideaFamily:MuridaeSubfamily:MurinaeGenus:RattusSo while rats and insects are both of the kingdom Animalia, they are not even the same Phylum, much less Class.

How much do animal breeders get paid?

animal breeders make $3,131exotic animal breeders make $4 billion_

How much does an animal breeder make a year?

Animal breeders make over $60,000 a year.

How is the camel the most common animal in the desert?

The camel is not the most common animal seen in a desert. Insects are much more common than any mammal.

How much does an animal behaviorist make?

An animal behaviorist is a personwho studies an animal to see what is best for the animal.

Can tarantulas eat stick insects?

Yes they can. Tarantulas will eat pretty much any live animal they can overpower.

In what kingdom do Yorkies belong?

The Yorkshire Terrier, commonly known as the "Yorkie" is a breed of domestic dogs. All dogs, in fact all mammals, and any other animal you can think of, belong to the Animal Kingdom. Your Kingdom choices are pretty much Plant, Animal, or Microscopic something. So if it is big enough to see and not a plant, odds are good it's an animal.

Is bacteria an animal?

No, they are two separte kingdoms.Bacteria isn't so much an animal, as it is an organism. It's a living thing, an organism, but it isn't classified on the animal kingdom.

How do sponges differ from the majority of organisms in the animal kingdom?

They don't really move aroundThey have no major organs (much like jellyfish)They make good art supplies when they die.

How much money does a animal keeper make?

In Illinois, animal caretakers make about $8.25 per hour.

How much does a engineer for oil make in the united kingdom?

A but load

An example of an animal kingdom?

Homo-Sapiens(Humans), Pretty much any animal, but if you need the scientific name you could find it online somewhere.

How much does an animal make in a year?

This depends on the type of animal and the field of work it is in. Usually animals make nothing.

What is a quiet animal?

a animal that dosent make that much noisee.g. koalas , snails

How much on average do animal shelters make a year?

animal shelters make about 800k to 1.5 mil hope this helps

How much do animal cops make in a year?


Is the human reproductive system the same as the animal reproductive system?

It would depend on which animal you are referring to, mammals have much the same reproductive system. Birds, fish and insects which are also animals do not.

What are the eight levels of the modern classification system?

I'm assuming you're talking about the eight phyla (singular: phylum) in the animal kingdom. They are: Porifera--(sponges) Cnidaria--(jellyfish) Platyhelminthes--(flatworms) Nematoda--(round worms) Annelida--(ringed worms, e.g., earthworms) Arthropoda--(insects) Echinodermata--(starfish) Chordata--(pretty much everything else that's an animal)

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