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Q: Insert the missing coefficients to completely balance each chemical equation. S+6HNO3 โ€”> H2SO4 + NO2 + H2O?
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Related questions

How are coefficients used to balance chemical equation?

In a chemical equation, the coefficients tell you how much you need of each molecule or atom, to balance the equation.

To balance a chemical equation it may be necessary to adjust the?


Where should the coefficients be placed when balancing a chemical equation?

Coefficients are placed in front of the chemical formulas when balancing a chemical equation. Never change the subscripts in a formula in order to balance an equation.

To balance a chemical equation you must adjust the?


What is is a balance chemical equation?


Is this true or false Subscripts can be changed in order to balance a chemical equation?

False. Subscript cannot be change to balance chemical equations. Only coefficients can be added to balance chemical equation.

Number to the left of element's symbols in a chemical equation that are used to balance the chemical equation?

The numbers to the left of the chemical symbols in an equation, which are used to balance chemical equations are called 'coefficients.'

What is used to balance a chemical equation?


Subscripts can be changed in order to balance a chemical equation.?

False,Only coefficients can be changed in order to balance a chemical equation. Subscripts are part of the chemical formula for reactants or products and cannot be changed to balance an equation.

How do you balance a symbol equation?

You balance a chemical equation by adding coefficients in front of the chemical formulas. Never change the subscripts because that would change the chemical formula.

How can you balance a chemical equation using coefficients?

When in a chemical equation the number of atoms for the reactants and products is the same the equation is correctly balanced.

Can both coefficients and subscripts be changed in a chemical equation?

No! You can change coefficients as needed to balance an equation but you cannot just change a substance's subscripts.

What are the coefficients that will balance this chemical equation?

CH4+O2 NaOH+H2

What would you change to balance a chemical equation?

you would change the coefficients

Why is it not possible to change subscripts of a chemical formula to balance the equation?

If you change the subscripts in a chemical formula, it will no longer represent the same substance. You can only add coefficients to balance a chemical equation.

Do you have to choose coefficients that will balance the equation in balancing an equation?

If your goal is to balance the equation, then yes, you have to chose the coefficients.

What is the term for the numbers added in front of some compound to balance a chemical equation?

Stochiometric coefficients (also, Molar coefficients).

What is the term for the numbers added in front of some compounds to balance a chemical equation?


What is the relationship between coefficient and balanced chemical equation?

balance chemical equation, change only the coefficients of the formulas.

How can you balance a chemical equation by changing the subscripts?

Balancing only allows you to change the coefficients, NOT the subscripts.

What coefficients do you need to balance the equation K2ClO3?

That's not an equation

What coefficients balance the equation Fe O2 Fe2O3?

The balance equation would be 4Fe + 3O2 ==> 2Fe2O3, so the coefficients are 4, 3, 2.

What is the role of coefficients in chemical equations?

Coefficients are written in front of a chemical formula in a chemical equation, in order to balance the equation by changing the amount of reactants and products as needed, in order to make the numbers of atoms of each element the same on both sides of the equation. This is done by multiplying each subscript of each element by the coefficient. If there is no coefficient, it is understood to be 1. It is necessary to balance a chemical equation in order to satisfy the law of conservation of mass/matter, and to perform stoichiometry.

Which do you use to balance equations subscrips or coefficients?

Both. you must have the correct subscripts to represent the correct chemical then you only change the coefficients to balance the equation. The product of a coefficient and a subscript tells how many atoms are present.

Which set of coefficients balance the following chemical equation H2 02 H20?

2H2 + O2 --> 2H2O

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