Instalation code of nfs underground?

You should check the CD case or manual for the code.

For security reasons, many games have a code or a serial number to protect their products. But every copy of the software have a special code, that don't match or is very unlikely to match with other copies of the software.

We could give you a serial number but it's almost sure it won't work.

Some companies allow clients to retrieve their codes if they registered, so you could try this way.

Bottom line: if you lost your serial number, you could retrieve it if you registered your product and if the software company allows you. Otherwise, it's very unlikely to get a serial number that will match your copy of the software.

PS : if you are asking about a pirated game: we do not support piracy or any way of avoiding payment to the rightful owner of the copyright.

If you are asking about a cheat code, please specify that in the question.