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You have a current draw from a accessory on your car. The hard part is where is it? I usually pull fuses/connectors/circuit breakers and look for a spark when reinstalling them. I do this because a current draw is a circuit and when you break that circuit it will cause a small spark.It sounds like you have a heavy draw so I would still suspect the alternator as it has a hot lead even when the ignition switch is off and so does the headight switch...check em out......

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โˆ™ 2005-09-05 02:46:35
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Q: Installed a new battery and alternator in your 1992 Lincoln town car your battery still goes dead but will start with jump but goes dead after car is shut off agin?
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Will a van start if you need a new alternator?

As long as the battery is fully charged it will start no matter the condition of the alternator. Eventually the battery will run down if the alternator is not keeping it charged.

Will car start if alternator is dead?

Yes, the battery starts the engine, and as long as the battery is fully charged the engine will start. The battery will loose it's charge if the alternator is defective and not replenishing the charge of the battery but the alternator has nothing to do with starting the engine.

Can i charge your battery and drive my car without an alternator?

Most newer cars will not run at all without a fully charged battery. The alternator alone is not sufficient to handle the operation of all the electronics, let alone headlamps and such. You also need the battery installed just to start the car!!

Your car won't start and its not the battery?


Will a car start if the alternator is going out?

It will start if there is enough charge in the battery to turn the engine over. However if the alternator is weak then the battery will not be charged fully.

1994 Caravan recent tune up battery alternator good you go to start it after it has sit overnite and the key turns but wont crank it will usually start after a few attempts or a jump?

This may be a dumb question, but did you remember to plug your new alternator in? I installed a new alternator on my truck but never plugged it in, so it wasn't charging the battery and kept dying.

Do alternator your make the car start?

No, your battery supplies power to the starter. However if your alternator is defective then it will not supply power to the battery and the battery will soon be depleted.

1997 cavalier will not start after alternator change?

did you unhook the battery before replacing the alternator

If the battery is going out will the alternator still power the car?

the battery job is to start the car so the alternator will kick in after the car is running

Can you start your car with a bad alternator?

Yes it can as long as the battery is charged . The purpose of the alternator is to put the power used back into the battery

Can a car start with a bad alternator?

Yes it can as long as the battery is charged . The purpose of the alternator is to put the power used back into the battery.

Should your car start right after changing the alternator?

If the battery is fully charged and the starter is working properly it will turn over and start. The alternators sole purpose is to supply voltage to the vehicle and battery when the engine is running. When the engine is not running the alternator has nothing to do with starting the engine. If the alternator went bad and the battery was discharged then you will have to charge the battery before it will be able to start the engine. Do not jump start the engine with a dead battery if you can avoid it. This puts a strain on the alternator trying to recharge a dead battery and can damage the alternator, even a new one.

Your speakers in your car short out when you accelerate Could that Be your alternator or battery?

the batteries only serve to start the car and the alternator. I'm not sure if it would be your alternator but it's not the battery.

Why would the alternator in your 1994 Mitsubishi galant not be charging the battery when it is not defective?

usualy if the alternator is not defective then its the battery. you should start by cleaning the battery post. then you could check the terminal wire that runs from the battery post to the alternator. if thats not it you should check the ground on the alternator.

Will a bad alternator keep a 1999 S10 pickup truck from starting?

The answer is no . The battery starts you vehicle , the alternator charges the battery so if your alternator is bad your battery is not receiving a charge which will cause a "no start" condition.

Your car wont start just makes a clicking sound?

That could be the alternator or the battery. Try jump starting your car with another car's battery. If it still does not start, it is probably the alternator. If it starts, your battery is dead.

My alternator is not getting power from the battery The wiring from the battery to the solenoid and from the solenoid to the alternator is good is this a bad solenoid the car will start and run?

Check for a bad fusable link at alternator

MY car will start when jumped but sometimes start and die and the battery will not keep charge could this be the altinator?

could be the alternator. could be the battery, the alternator charges the battery but does not stop the battery holding a charge.could also be a bad starter motor. take alternator off and have it tested. most places will test for free

Will a car start with a faulty alternator?

As long as the battery is charged

1983 will not start and does not have spark to plugs?

Check your battery and alternator.

I have a 1997 Isuzu Rodeo I just had a new battery installed in my car and alternator and belts. The car will run for about a half of a day but then it will not start again. What could be wrong?

The alternator either has to be a factory original or a used off of a parts Rodeo,otherwise the alternator will not run.

Can a bad starter keep your alternator and battery from charging?

YesFirst if the starter is bad the car will not start, if it will not start it can not charge the battery.If the starter will not work it can mean there is an electrical problem that will also prevent the alternator from charging the batteryThe starter itself CAN NOT CAUSE CHARGING PROBLEMS!The extra load on the battery can ruin the battery and that can ruin the alternator. But before that NO.

Why is your car not starting and the battery keeps dying?

Possibly a bad alternator. The Alternator charges the battery when the vehicle is running. If the battery is not being charged this could cause the vehicle not to start.

What cause alternator not to produce power to start engine?

The alternator produces power to charge the battery. The battery powers the starter to turn the engine over.

When an alternator is bad what happens to your car?

The battery will run down and he engine will stop. You will not be able to start the engine. The alternator keeps the battery fully charged.