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Installed new pioneer stereo in 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee have power and no sound what are you doing wrong with the wiring?


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recheck your wiring from the headunit to the speakers and make sure that you bipassed the factory amp(if your jeep came with one). If you did then make sure the wires have no frays and also check the connections to the speakers because if they are rusty there will not be a connection to the speaker and there won't be any sound. Also double check the connections from the headunit leading to the speaker wiring and make sure that your wiring is setup correctly. That is make sure that you have each wire connected to the right spot because if you connect the negative end of your left rear speaker to the wire for the front left speaker etc...then there will not be any sound. Double check all your wiring and test everything. If you need help definatly check your local Jeep dealership for a wiring schematic or go to a local audio shop

ALSO, Some of the Cherokee's with the infinity stereo have an amp under the rear seat behind the driver, and the system is a 4 ohm system. After market stereos use 8 ohms. You will need new speakers and wires to go with the new deck.


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