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A 1992 Honda Accord may be a better option than a Hyundai Accent of the same year because Honda Accord vehicles are known for their reliability. A 1992 Hyundai Accent would require more repairs than an Accord of the same age.

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Q: Instead of a Hyundai Accent can a Honda Accord 1992 be a better option?
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What type of oil does a 1997 Hyundai accent take?

The 1997 Hyundai Accent was equipped with the 1.5L 4-cylinder engine. The all season weight for this application is SAE 10W30 of API SL or better. It service fill with filter is 3.5-quarts.

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How do you repair power door locks on a 2001 Hyundai Accent?

1.- check that the fusse is good, even better, check that the fusse is there.=2.- replace the remote control battery.==I bet you either one will solve the problem.=

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There is one Hyundai dealer in Tacoma: Robert Larson Hyundai (also called Hyundai of Tacoma), and two others nearby: Paar Hyundai in Bremerton and Titus Will Hyundai in Olympia. However, the only way to know which dealers are "reputable" is to ask friends or consult the Better Business Bureau.

Which is better a 89 accord dx or a 92 eclipse?

Depends. If they have similar mileage and are in similar condition the Accord is a much more reliable vehicle.

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Which fram oil filter fits a 2005 Honda Accord lx?

Fram number 7317 will fit, but I would use a Purolator 14610 or a Wix 57356 instead, because those brands work better than Fram.

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How do you set timing for a 2.0 1994 Hyundai sonata?

To adjust the timing on a Hyundai Sonata, you will need to use specialized timing tools. If you do not already own the tools, it may be a better option to take it to a certified Hyundai mechanic.

Are f20b dohc vtec better in a 1994 accord?

Yes, that is a great engine.

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Which car is a gas saver 2006 Chevy Impala or 2006 honda accord?

The 2006 Honda Accord is a better gas saver than the 2006 Chevy Impala.

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