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Instead of eating a banana each day how much potassium supplement should I take?


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Always choose natural meals instead of supplements.

However, if you must, it will vary from person to person and you should consult a nutritionist, where he will analyze your height, weight, and needs. Another good source of potassium: Mushrooms.


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Your body can't handle the potassium :(

Of course, there is nothing better to get your potassium.

Unless the rest of the food you eat through the rest of the day are completely devoid of potassium, you are getting small amounts of potassium through the other foods you eat throughout the day. So unless you are training like an Olympic athlete and eating nothing but Ding-Dongs and other junk, you probably aren't going to drop dead from a potassium deficiency if you don't take a potassium supplement.

It provides potassium, which is effective for regular cramping, but I feel that eating a banana helps with menstrual cramps.

The banana that the monkey was eating tasted like apples instead. ~my example You can use it if you want but a simile has like or as in it.

Eating banana peels is not common in the west, but Asian people do eat them. They are generally cooked and are rich in nutrients, especially potassium

VEGETABLES because their cheeper or being a vegan.

It will not hurt, but eating a banana is better after racing because the banana's large amount of potassium will help your body restore.

Eating beets helps with replenishing potassium levels the quickest. Also, try lima beans. If these are not available, then a banana is an ideal source.

You may get foot cramps because you have low potassium. You should consider eating a banana every day to help.

Typically they are caused by lack of potassium. Which is why eating a banana can help. As can many sports drinks which include potassium in them. Cold floors can cause leg and muscle pain

A banana eating cotest is when you have to eat as many banana's as you can in 24hours

partially yes, as htcz lowers your potassium, one need extra, so drinking a glass of orange juice or eating a banana would supply the needed potassium

Bananas are relatively high in potassium, but you need 4,700 mg of potassium per day and you'd have to eat about 11 bananas every day to get that. Potatoes are higher, at about 950 mg if you eat the skin as well. This all gets a lot harder if you're on a low/no carb diet. Eat Leafy green vegetables, red meat. Use No Salt (half salt/half potassium) and take a supplement. Very few humans can get all of what they need just from food every day.

Bananas gives you potassium. You only gain a tiny amount of weight eating a banana. so nothing to worry about.

Yes you can. There is nothing wrong with eating a banana then drinking water.

Eating. ANY kind of bread is for eating. Banana bread is a treat.

I am eating a Banana! or my friend has a banana between his legs

The supplement will help and also eating foods like bananas that have potassium in them. Potatoes are also a good source of potassium. Vitamin E supplement would help your leg cramps 400 units of natural d-Alpha Tocopheryl everyday. Also Magnesium Citrate right before bed. Try to avoid alcohol beverages, as this aggravates leg cramps. If you have severe cramping avoid all alcohol especially beer which brings on cramping in some people. Potassium is great for your heart (see above answer).

Eat bananas, plenty of potassium! i cant take banana due to unavoidable circumstances please advice for substitute If your unavoidable circumstances are getting migraine headaches from eating bananas then that may be from the quick rise in your potassium levels; some people are very sensitive in this way. If that is the case you can try eating the banana in smaller pieces throughout the day and with other foods. That usually takes care of that problem. If your unavoidable circumstance is that you can't get any bananas in the market where you live, then there are plenty of other fruits and vegetables that contain large amounts of potassium. All food is a source of potassium since every living cell, both plant and animal, has to have it to function properly. A balanced diet should be all you need, and bananas are really more of a supplement, for a boost in case your electrolytes have fallen low on it.

Banana has more vitamin than apple. banana has potasium and lots of vitamins you can gain by eating banana.

I doubt it, they say eating bananas causes you not to get cramps, but two days ago i had a banana milk shake for breakfast, a banana split later on that day, and a banana for a late snack, and i woke up with an awful leg cramp at around 2:00am, and i don't ever get leg cramps, so i don't know if that answers your question if potassium is a real cure for leg cramps.yes

to stop birds from eating your banana trees you should cover it with netting sutch as ROSS tree netting..

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