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Integral of xex dx?

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let u = x du=dx

let dv= e^x v=e^x

∫ xe^(x)dx =

xe^x - ∫ e^(x)dx

= xe^x - e^x

= e^x ( x-1 ) + c

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Integral of 1 divided by sinx cosx?

Integral of [1/(sin x cos x) dx] (substitute sin2 x + cos2 x for 1)= Integral of [(sin2 x + cos2 x)/(sin x cos x) dx]= Integral of [sin2 x/(sin x cos x) dx] + Integral of [cos2 x/(sin x cos x) dx]= Integral of (sin x/cos x dx) + Integral of (cos x/sin x dx)= Integral of tan x dx + Integral of cot x dx= ln |sec x| + ln |sin x| + C

What is the indefinite integral of 3sinx-5cosx?

To find the integral, you can split the integral of 3sinx-5cosx into two separate integrals. For the integral of 3sinx dx integral of sinx= -cosx you can pull the three out of the integral as a coefficient Therefore, integral of 3sinx dx= -3 cosx +C For the integral of -5cosx dx integral of cosx=sinx you can pull the -5 out of the integral as a coefficient Therefore the integral of -5cosxdx= -5sinx +C Therefore the integral of 3sinx-5cosx =-3cosx-5sinx + C

Integral of x cosx dx?

The integral of x cos(x) dx is cos(x) + x sin(x) + C

What is the indefinite integral?

An indefinite integral is a version of an integral that, unlike a definite integral, returns an expression instead of a number. The general form of a definite integral is: ∫ba f(x) dx. The general form of an indefinite integral is: ∫ f(x) dx. An example of a definite integral is: ∫20 x2 dx. An example of an indefinite integral is: ∫ x2 dx In the definite case, the answer is 23/3 - 03/3 = 8/3. In the indefinite case, the answer is x3/3 + C, where C is an arbitrary constant.

Integral formula of a raised to x?

integral (a^x) dx = (a^x) / ln(a)

Integral of sinx cosx sin2x cos3x dx?

Integral[sin(x)cos(x)sin2(x)cos3(x)] dxgather termsintegral[sin3(x) cos4(x)] dxpull one sin(x) as sin is oddintegral[sin2(x) cos4(x) sin(x)] dxusing trig identitiesintegral[(1 - cos2(X)) cos4(x) sin(X)] dxu substitutionu = cos(x)du = - sin(x) dxsointegral[(1 - u2)) (u4) - du] dx- integral[(1- u2)) u4 du] dx= u - 1/3u3 + 1/5u5 du= cos(x) - 1/3cos3(x) + 1/5cos5(x) + C============================

What is the integral for sin3x?

S sin3X dx =-1/3 cos3X

What is the integral of cosine?

∫ cos(x) dx = -sin(x) + C

What is the integral of arcsinxdx?

The integral of arcsin(x) dx is x arcsin(x) + (1-x2)1/2 + C.

Integral 14 plus x4dx?

Integral (14+x^4) dx = 14x + x^5/5 + C

What is the antiderivative of x to the 1?

By antiderivative do you mean integral? If yes, integral x^1 dx= (x^2)/2

How do you integrate 2x over 2x-2?

Integral of 2x dx /(2x-2) Let 2x=u 2 dx = du dx = (1/2) du Integral of 2x dx /(2x-2) = Integral of (1/2) u du / (u-2) = Integral of 1/2 [ (u-2+2) / (u-2)] dx = Integral of 1/2 [ 1+ 2/(u-2)] dx = u/2 + (1/2) 2 ln(u-2) + C = u/2 + ln(u-2) + C = (2x/2) + ln(2x-2) + C = x + ln(2x-2) + C

What is the integral of x diveded by x minus one?

integral x/(x-1) .dx = x - ln(x-1) + c where ln = natural logarithm and c = constant of integration alternatively if you meant: integral x/x - 1 .dx = c

What is the integral of a constant multiplied by a function of x with respect to x?

∫ af(x) dx = a ∫ f(x) dx

What is the integral of 1 divided by x squared?

The indefinite integral of (1/x^2)*dx is -1/x+C.

What is the integral of -3x?

∫ -3x dx = -3/2 x2 + c

Does f-gx equals g-fx?

Yes, the integral of gx dx is g integral x dx. In this case, g is unrelated to x, so it can be treated as constant and pulled outside of the integration.

Integral of root of 4-x2?

If you mean integral SQRT(4-x2)dx, 2arcsin(.5x)+.5xSQRT(4-x2).

What is the fundamental theorem of calculus?

If df(x)/dx = g(x), then integral [from a to b] g(x) dx = f(b)-f(a). In plain English: the definite integral can be calculated by finding the antiderivative, evaluating it at the endpoints, and subtracting.

What is the integral of two functions of x added together with respect to x?

∫ f(x) +g(x) dx = ∫ f(x) dx + ∫ g(x) dx.

How do you integrate cotxdx?

The integral of cot(x)dx is ln|sin(x)| + C

What is the integral of tanx times sqrt secx dx?

See related link below for answer

Integration of sin2x?

Integral( sin(2x)dx) = -(cos(2x)/2) + C

How is xex and xe2x integrated manually?

The definite integral of the function f=x*exp(k*x) is (1/k)*(x-(1/k))*exp(k*x). So you have the answer to your questions by setting k equal to 1 then 2. I derived my formula by using integration by parts, setting u=x and dv=exp(k*x)dx.

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