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explode(xy) that is for money

if(getMouseDown(),water(getXMouse(),getY Mouse(),0,-40,40,5,20,50,false) say("AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! A TORNATO!!!",5),0); for controllable tornado(you may want to change to none in items and hand)

X(a),getY(a)+1 0,0,0,5,2));if(getY(a)>300,destroy(aa));if(getY(a)>370,explode(getX(a),getY(a),.5 ));if(t%30==0,assign(b,create( "bowlball",random()*500,40,0,5 00));fire(getX(b),getY(b)+10,0 ,0,5,2));if(getY(b)>300,destroy(b));if(getY(b)>300,destroy(b));if(getY(b)>370,explode(getX(b),getY(b),.5 ));if(t%40==0,assign(c,create( "bowlball",random()*500,40,0,4 00));fire(getX(c),getY(c)+10,0 ,0,5,2));if(getY(c)>300,destroy(c));if(getY(c)>370,explode(getX(c),getY(c),.5 ));if(getY(b)>300,destroy(b));if(getY(b)>370,explode(getX(b),getY(b),.5 ));if(t%40==0,assign(c,create( "bowlball",random()*500,40,0,4 00));fire(getX(c),getY(c)+10,0 ,0,5,2));if(getY(c)>300,destroy(c));if(getY(c)>370,explode(getX(c),getY(c),.5 ));

use for meteor shower












if(yPosc>370,yPosc=20); for shooting stars witch electrocute him

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How do you get guns in interactive buddy?

type in interactive buddy with guns on google and check all the links that come

Can you kill interactive buddy?

No you cannot kill Interactive buddy. The game was designed so you could play....forever.

What is the difference between interactive buddy and interactive buddy 2?

Interactive buddy 2 has guns and new stuff the guns are the pistol the shotgun and the machine gun, these are under the gun category, the stun gun is in the miscellaneous category

How can you get interactive buddy cheats?

go to

Who is Tom from interactive Buddy?

Tom Fulp

Where can you play interactive buddy 2?

What website has a game called interactive buddy?

What do you do on interactive buddy?

you pretty much torment the guy...

How do you get rid of radio in interactive buddy?

Hit backspace.

Is interactive buddy for Wii?

yes to play it go to on the wii internet and it should let you play interactive buddy. Ps you need wi-fi internet connection

What is the games which you can blow up teletubbies?

interactive buddy on andkon

How do you get on interactive buddy at school?

u eat pizza then burp

How do you get rid of magical orb on interactive buddy?

press the backspace

What is a website you can play interactive buddy at school without blocks?


How do you make your interactive buddy happy?

By playing music from the speakers and tickling him.

What is the worst game on addicting games?

interactive buddy is pretty boring.

What makes interactive buddy really happy?

If you mean interactive buddy the gray blob, buy the rubber balls and drop them on his/her head! This makes them reallyhappy, and if the're happy enough, they'll pay you!

Are there any other games like interactive buddy?

A really gory alternative is Happy Wheels. It's more of a 'get to the finish' type game using the arrow keys, but it's kinda similar to Interactive Buddy.

What was the most addicting game from that showdown on nick?

My friend told me It was Interactive Buddy

How do you get assistance on interactive buddy?

when hes up side down flip him over:)

Can you play interactive buddy at school?

i want to play games at school but good ones

How do you delete things in interactive buddy?

if it is a special backspace but if it is not just move your muse over it

Is there an interactive buddy 2?

No, but keep checking addictinggames()com to see when it just might be.

Is there really an interactive buddy 3?

Well it came out today! i hope you like it!YES

What is the app called where you kill a sock guy with tools and stuff for money called?

Interactive buddy (0.99 or 1.99, I don't remember) or kick the buddy (0.99) or kick the buddy lite (free).

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