Interior lights on your Jeep Cherokee Sport dim but won't go out can't find the fuse to disconnect the power any insights appreciated?

forgot to mention it is a 1998 Sport. Clarification to the answer below: Opening -one door at a time-, completely depress the pin in the door jamb that controls the interior lights. You'll most likely find one that causes the lights to turn off when it's depressed. Once you've found it, unscrew it from the body and repair (usually just a bent contact) or replace it. My daughter's lights wouldn't go out at all. My husband found that the pin (on one of the rear doors) that makes the lights go out when you open/close the door didn't completely depress when you closed the door. The jamb side of the door had a little ding in it so it didn't push in the pin. He screwed a screw into the jam where the pin would meet it and it created enough of an "out" to solve the problem. This was after months of driving with electricians tape over the interior lights or no interior lights when she'd take the fuse out. I'm not sure which fuse it was but it was on the fuse panel. Good luck.