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Internal and external factors of the Qing dynasty decline?

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Internal Factors:

Corruption: The Dowager Queen made a right mess of things when

she took the real ruling power from her grandson, the true Emperor

who wanted to industrialize. The Dowager Queen took military

funding to build herself a grand Summer Palace, which practically

stopped Chinese military development. Her regressive beliefs

influenced well-known government officials, who ignored the cries

of starved commoners and sat behind their wall of riches,

delightfully unaware to the threat of Europeans.

Rise of Nationalism: Intellectuals saw the only way to defeat

the Europeans was to use European technologies against them, and

hence the overthrow of the corrupt and out-dated Imperialist Qing


External Factors:

Foreign invasion: The invasion by Europeans was made easy by

Qing Dynasty's backward military - the majority of the outnumbering

Chinese Navy was sunk in less than a week (what use were wooden

junks to steel monsters?). The British then subsequently supplied

opium to China, and when the Qing government refused to trade

opium, the Brits used it as an excuse to openly invade China, split

Chinese territories in unequal treaties, committed atrocious things

to the Chinese population and utterly undermined Qing rule.

Backward Imperialism: The last rulers of Qing Dynasty saw

themselves as divine rulers of a perfect nation, and saw European

inventions (such as the musket and cannons) to be useless dirt.

Therefore they didn't industrialize as the Japanese did (Meiji

Restoration), and therefore they seriously lacked behind.

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