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A gourmet burger is more than a typical patty topped with lettuce, tomato, and ketchup. Gourmet burgers go out the way to add toppings that are exotic and unique to provide a different flavor twist. A gourmet burger is not available at most restaurants. They can also be a tad bit expensive, but most burger enthusiasts will agree that it's worth the price and the trip to satisfy their taste buds.


Gourmet burgers are normally found in restaurants that are more dine-in casual and upscale. They are not found in fast food restaurants. A gourmet burger is often not just a beef patty. Restaurants are increasingly choosing other healthier items in place of beef, such as a Portobello steak mushroom.

Gourmet burgers usually have toppings not found on regular burgers. They may have all the traditional toppings like lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, ketchup, and mayo. They may also have fried onion rings, sprouts, roasted red peppers, sauerkraut, barbecue sauce, and fresh herbs like mint. Dressings of International origin like Asia, Greece, or the Middle East are commonly available, and several alternatives to cheese, such as yogurt or other creamy sauces, may be used.

The best way to find a gourmet burger in your area is to make a quick search on the Internet. Restaurants are good about listing their menus both in the phonebook and online, and you can see if they specialize in burgers with "extras."


A changing economy is one of the many factors that have made some choose to stay in rather than go out for dinner. Gourmet burgers cannot be purchased at McDonald's prices. A typical gourmet burger platter at most restaurants can cost, on average, from $7 to $10. This will usually includes a side like fries or slaw. Overall, that is not a bad deal, but still not pocket change, especially if done on a regular basis.

An alternative to this is to cook at home. There are dozens, if not hundreds of online sites with recipes for gourmet burgers. There are also cookbooks catered to burger enthusiasts and food magazines that regularly feature recipes. Food television programs, such as those found on the Food Network, can be a fun and entertaining way to learn a different style of dressing burgers. Online video sources, like YouTube, are also good places to pick up new recipes.


If you are a vegetarian, the gourmet burger experience can still be possible. Many restaurants have a standard vegetarian or vegan patty they can use to substitute for a beef one. You will still be able to get any toppings that come with a regular beef burger.


Gourmet burgers are more interesting than a typical burger. They are usually bigger than regular burgers. A variety of toppings and sauces not normally found on standard burgers make the burger experience tastier and less boring. Gourmet burgers provide the opportunity to sample more vegetables, exotic dressings, and even different types of breads.


Gourmet burgers are more expensive than regular burgers. Some can cost up to $10 or more. Most restaurants do not offer gourmet burgers. Gourmet burgers are not available in fast food settings.

Gourmet burgers can make an ordinary burger experience better by adding a variety of toppings, dressings, and sauces. A gourmet burger is usually bigger than most burgers and often comes with a side, such as fries or slaw. It will be more expensive than a standard burger by several dollars. For those who cannot afford or choose to save money and still want the gourmet burger experience, there are hundreds of recipes found in magazines, books, and online that teach how to dress up a burger at home.