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Q: Into which category would you place a brittle substance that does not conduct heat?
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When a chemical change is in place does no new substance form?

No, a new substance is normally formed

What metal conduct electricity without electron?

I think the answer is copper because it is often used to transport electricity from place to place.

What force keeps the atom of a substance in place?

nuclear forces

What is substance that takes place in a chemical reaction?

These substances are called reactants.

What is a jelly-like substance where chemical reactions take place?


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What is the differences between brittle and ductile fracture?

In brittle fracture, no apparent plastic deformation takes place before fracture. In ductile fracture, extensive plastic deformation (necking) takes place before fracture.

What is the ISS used for?

It is a place where astronauts conduct experiments

What is the scientific definition of category?

the place in which substances are organized

When you place a substance in water and hydrogen ion's what does that tell you about the substance?

it can be concluded that the substance is an acid.

Where is the category on WikiAnswers for the definition of specific words?

The Category "Definitions and Word Differences" is the best place for those questions. You can find a link to the Category in the "Related Links" section of this answer.

How do taxonomists decide which category to place an organism?

They classify them from classification.

What is conduct of business regulation?

Conduct of business regulation is one in which the government outlines and ensures that there are laws and regulations in place by which business operators must adhere to and followe in their conduct of business,

How do you use conduct in a sentence in a verb meaning?

I would like to conduct an experiment using human volunteers.The resistor will conduct too much current in that circuit and burn out!Please conduct the orchestra tonight in my place, I am sick.

If you place a less dense substance into another substance with a greater density what happens?

It floats.

The movement of a substance from one place to another due to the substance's kinetic energy?


When a chemical change is in place does no new substance form?

No, a new substance is normally formed

Is air an example of pure substance?

No. Air is not pure substance. Air has all dust and dangerous gases with it. From place to place its composition changes.