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Inventor of soccer?

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The Chinese, back in 900BCE, under the rule of Emperor Ghui Lo, kick around severed heads, whoever lost the menial game, would have to consume an entire goat testacle.

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When was the inventor of soccer?

the Mexicans did

Who was the inventor of the American sport soccer?

Soccer was not invented by an American

What was the person who made soccers name?

there is no inventor of soccer

Are Romans the inventor of soccer?

No, England is the inventer of football

Who was the inventor of soccer?

I don't know the exact inventor of soccer, though what I do know, is that it was invented in England. I think it was a number of people who invented soccer and not just one person. Look at the question (on this site) Where Did Soccer Originate? I answered that question and it has more information on where it originated and the spread of soccer over the years from when it was invented. (I am not completely sure when soccer was invented though).

Who and when was soccer made?

John Perry was the inventor of football with rules in the early-mid 1800s

Who made the game of soccer?

Football originated in China ~ originally called Cuju, invented in the Song of specific unknown inventor But when it comes to the origin of modern soccer, which is England

What was basketball originally played with?

James Naismith, the inventor of basketball, played basketball with a soccer ball and peach basket.

Who is the maker of soccer?

Well There is not only one inventor because different generations played different versions of the game.

When did the inventor born and when did the inventor died?

who is the inventor

What is an accidental inventor?

an accidental inventor is a inventor that always makes accidents

What is the difference between an inventor and a designer?

an inventor is a designer but a designer is not an inventor

What is the name of the inventor of soccer?

Soccer is the name given to foot ball by the Americans it is a slang abbreviation for association football.foot ball is a game that has evolved over thousands of years so it would be very difficult to accredit any particular person with its invention.

How is the inventor of soccer?

Technically the English first played the game as association football. Soccer has been around for an immeasurable amount of time, but the Cambridge rules (published in 1848 at Cambridge University, England) were widely used by most early football institutions in 1850.

Where did the inventor live?

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Who was the inventor of dynamo?

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Who was the inventor of the hieroglyphics?

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How do you say inventor in Spanish?


Who is the inventor of hydroelectricity?

richardson is the inventor

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No, inventor is a noun.

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inventor of fiberglass

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The inventor is pretty much unknown, xcept 2 the inventor.( Or god!)